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Campus Freethought Alliance
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Campus Freethought Alliance (CFA)

Campus Freethought Alliance (CFA) is a non-profit organization that promotes reason, free inquiry, and separation of Church and State in colleges and high schools in North America and internationally.

CFA is one of the leading American organisations dedicated to supporting students who are humanists, skeptics, non-theists, or questioning their religious faith. Launched in 1996, CFA has been featured in 'New York Times', 'Wall Street Journal', 'Chronicle of Higher Education', 'U Magazine', and elsewhere.

Local groups and activities

The CFA stimulates and supports local affiliate groups at colleges and high schools -hundreds have been formed since 1996. It provides a network for student humanist and skeptic activists and represents student rationalists to US media.

Campus Freethought Alliance offers campus educational activities such as lectures, debates, festivals, sponsors internships, seminars, workshops, and conferences for student members. CFA publishes internet and print news and information.

'Council for Secular Humanism' and 'Center for Inquiry'

The CFA is sponsored by the Council for Secular Humanism, publisher of Free Inquiry magazine, and it is based at the Center for Inquiry. From the branches of the Center for Inquiry in Western New York, Los Angeles, the New York City area, and elsewhere, full-time staff and a network of volunteers administer its programs.

The Center for Inquiry in New York launced in 2002 a a two-week summer school about Critical Inquiry (logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning) and the history and philosophy of Naturalism with courses that are now available for transferable college credit through the State University of New York system.

Contact Campus Freethought Alliance

Address: PO Box 741, Amherst, NY 14228,
Phone: +1 716.636.7571 ext. 314,

@Written by Austin Dacey.

Involvement in IHEYO

Campus Freethought Alliance is sponsored by the Council for Secular Humanism which is a member of IHEU (IHEYO is the youth section of IHEU). CFA was present at the 2002 International Humanist Youth Conference

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Student Secular Alliance (SSA)

The SSA's primary mission is to promote the creation, growth, and maintenance of secular groups on high school and college campuses.

SSA works mainly with high school and college-aged Atheists, Humanist, Skeptics, and other freethinkers. The future of this movement will be embodied in students who embrace a scientific outlook, critical thinking, and secular and humanistic values. The SSA is glad to cooperate with any group within the freethought movement to bring about a future that is dominated by Humanistic values.

Contact SSA

P.O. Box 3246, Columbus, OH 43210,
Phone: +1-877-842-9474 (toll free),

@Written by Jeff Dubin.

Involvement in IHEYO

SSA has contacts with several IHEU-member organisations in the US and outside the US (IHEYO is the youth section of IHEU). SSA was present at the 2002 International Humanist Youth Conference.

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