Booklet on Critical Thinking and Free Inquiry

Many humanists recognize the importance of critical thinking and free inquiry in education. One can find courses and methods for this in countries such as the Netherlands, US, India, Germany, Belgium, Nigeria, etc. And there are non-formal educational activities in many other countries that stimulate young people to think and formulate for their own, like in Russia, Nepal, East Africa, all Scandinavian countries, Italy, Australia, Peru to name a few.

In some organisations the methods are more developed; in others one can find the ideas in practice but not so thought out. There is not yet a book that gives an overview of all the educational methods used in different countries of teaching critical thinking and free inquiry. Based on questions from our member organisations, we know there is a need for such material. IHEYO wants to fill this need and publish a booklet in 2007.

The material developed during the IHEYO conference 2006 will be collected and brought together with other material that exists. Some of the materials developed will be refined and elaborated in the months after the 2006 conference by participants bringing a new method into practice within their local or national group. This booklet will be made ready in the three quarter year after the conference, so it can be published towards the end of 2007. The publishing of the booklet will be profiled with the educational events that are planned as part of the European campaign on promoting tolerance.

We want to publish at least 500 copies of the booklet and send it to humanist and human rights groups. IHEYO aims to subsidise the distribution of 350 copies for groups who have little resources (groups in developing countries). The other booklets will be offered to individuals, groups and organisations around the world for a reasonable price. The booklet may be also published at IHEYO’s website.

The Atheist Centre aims to work on a translation into Telegu when the book(let) is ready for publishing and spread it among organisations and schools .



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