European campaign on Tolerance

The campaign will promote among youth, tolerance and respect for minorities by undertaking a joint campaign that is educational. IHEYO will use the European campaign ‘all different, all equal’ as context.

The project will combine several campaigning and educational methods:


  • An international website will be launched where all information on the campaign, of the countries involved and the events, is collected.

  • There will be information published in the form of articles, short statements, etc. in the national magazines and websites of the partner organisations. Other member organisations and befriended organisations are asked to publish information as well. They can publish information on the position of youth belonging to minority groups and on the experiences of the organised activities. The website will be designed in a way that it is easy for groups to add their information to it.


  • In the first phase of the project each partner identifies two (other) minorities in its country and one majority group. It collects material on the position of youth in these groups and prepares it for the international website to be published and further dissimenated.

  • In the second phase of the project, the partners will sit around the table with organisations that represent the minorities or majority youth they have collected information about, and plan a workshop together where the groups will employ or develop a method on how you can teach young people to be tolerant of minority groups.

  • In the third phase, the partners will have the workshop with the other groups in their country and report back to the committee on the experiences and results.

The workshops or educational events will vary from a) trying an educational method (like an intercultural game) with a mixed group that furthers tolerance, b) develop ideas for enhancing tolerance of minority groups among youngsters, or c) having an inter-cultural dialogue as example of how to enhance tolerance.

There will be a project committee coordinated by IHEYO consisting of the different partner organisations who will work actively on getting the information together and on organising the educational event.



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