More Practical Information


When you book your ticket, inform the conference organizers about your exact place & time of arrival and departure. Vijayawada is well connected by Road, Rail & Air. Nearest International Airport is Hyderabad 350 kilometre from Vijayawada. You can check it out on:


All participants should be insured before coming to India covering a minimum period of 10 days inclusive of the conference dates, your travel and Indian sight seeing. Please note that you need to get all your vaccinations and immunizations done, before arriving in India. If you have questions regarding the vaccinations please contact Silvana Uhlrich at:


Vijayawada in November is pleasant with temperatures between 15–25 Degrees Centigrade. Prepare yourself for every kind of weather: mild temperatures or occasional rainy days. But don’t forget to bring your Mosquito Net along with you.

Visa and passport requirements

Please check all the visa and passport requirements with your Indian Embassy or Consulate. Please ask for a Tourist Visa when possible. In case you need a special official invitation contact the Indian organizers:

Atheist Centre, Benz Circle, Vijayawada 520 010, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 866 2472330
Fax: +91 866 2484850

Persons responsible in India: Vikas Gora and Dr. G. Vijayam

Please try not to call after local working hours. This is 6 hours later than GMT-London time.

What to bring with you

We will have some intercultural evenings. You can do whatever you want with your national group to present something about your country to all the other participants. You can make a slide show, prepare sketches, songs, music and more. We have guitars & drums with us. We are leaving this further part to your imagination. Use it!


  • Passport or/and identity card (International Participants);
  • International Student Card (if you have, it can help sometimes);
  • Sleeping Bag, Mosquito Net, Alarm clock & Torch Light;
  • Your Vaccinations & medicines;
  • Sneakers & or Sandals;
  • Material & data from your country concerning the theme;
  • Material for National Presentation (Clothes, food, instruments, music etc) for the Carnival Party;

What more...something is missing... What? What? Oops! YOU!....

With your sense of responsibility, your ideas, your tolerance, sense of humour, and your friendship.



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