Organising conferences, an internship programme, international representation and campaigning, giving advice to humanist youth groups, provide information and support. These are the activities IHEYO carries out.

In this section, you can read more on the coming conference and the internship programme. In other sections, you will find out about the other mentioned activities.

How you can help....

We need you to help! To mention a few tasks of concrete support we need. We need people to ask other humanist organisations, or maybe your organisations, to join IHEYO. You can see in the memberslist if your organisation is included. Our contact details, you can find on this website.

Information on humanist youth activities that your group is carrying out, is much welcomed on our site and our Youth Speak as well as for preparation to our conference. Please e-mail us about the activities of your group, at:

When you are representing the youth humanist ideals at a conference or through campaigning, let us know as well. We can spread the word and inform others!

...take action!

  1. Help us contact other humanist organisations to ask them to become a member to IHEYO;
  2. provide us with information on your groups activities;
  3. when you are representing youth humanists or have a campaign, tell us.

We look forward to hear from you:-)



2007 Conference:

more information will follow

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