IHEYO Internship Programme

IHEYO offers a month-long international internship programme whereby young humanists will have the opportunity to gain insight into a humanist movement in another country and enhance his or her skills. Travel costs and housing expenses as well as a modest stipend will be paid by IHEYO.

No news yet about the 2007 internship

Through this programme two to three young people (18-30) will spend four weeks working with a humanist organisation in a country other than their home country. After the internship the intern will be guided to implement a plan for a humanist activity he or she has developed during his or her internship.

Aims and objectives of the Programme

The overall aim of the internship programme is to stimulate youth humanist activity around the world. Therefore the objectives of the internship are twofold.

  1. IHEYO aims to give the young person an opportunity to self-development by giving the person a chance to gain more experience, to enhance his or her skills and to offer an opportunity to learn more about humanism.
  2. IHEYO aims that the experience will be beneficiary to other humanists, like humanists in the home country of the intern, and/or humanists at an international level.
  3. New for 2004 is that we want to explicitly aim for intercontinental exchange between the West and poorer countries. In this way the humanist intern and the organizations can learn and gain better understanding of each other's situation.

IHEYO is offering the internship programme since 2001. In 2005, an Ugandan Gay and Lesbian Activist that is humanist minded will be invited to Europe. IHEYO is raising funds for this project currently.

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