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International Humanist Youth Conference 2003

Germany (Berlin), 29 August - 2 September

Sponsoring for Travel Costs or Fee

Fund travel costs youth developing countries:
deadline has passed

Fund for costs youth in Eastern Europe and poor youth

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Young persons that can't pay all travel cost and costs for fee to participate in the Conference, can apply for sponsoring in travel costs or participation fee. This is for a limited group of people and IHEYO grants this support based on selection of the requests we receive. We will do our best with our limited resources to help as many young people that have financial difficulty to enable to come the conference.

There is at the moment one form of support still available.

- The other is partial travel cost reimbursement and/or reduction of the fee for young persons coming from Eastern European countries and other youth not able to pay these costs fully. The fund for full reimbursement of costs for youth coming from developing countries has been allocated.

Fund for travel costs youth in Eastern Europe or poor youth

There is a fund for youth from Eastern European countries or other youth that can't pay these costs themselves, to reimburse a part of their travel costs and costs of the fee. Based on our limited resources, this support can be offered only for a few persons. When you are able to come to the conference on your own expenses, we encourage you not to apply for this funding possibility.

IHEYO is looking into specific funding possibilities for travel that should make it able to cover full travel costs for ten persons in Eastern Europe. When we would be granted this funding, IHEYO will announce this. Youth interested in this support are encouraged to notify IHEYO already (

The fund wil be distributed based on the individual needs of applicants. So the support varies, depending on the different needs.
When you are granted support, the amount will be reimbursed after or during the youth conference.

The deadline to state your interest in support and apply for it, is 29 of June. You need to fill in the below application form and e-mail it to:

Download the Application Form (RTF)

To be eligible for applying, you need to be:
  • Between 18 up to 35 years of age
  • Active in (youth) humanist organisation or related movement

    Preferred, but not necessary
  • Interest in future international cooperation (after the conference) with other humanist youth groups and youth
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