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The Humanistisch Verbond Flanders

Humanistische Jongeren
UnieVrijzinnigeVerenigingen (UVV)


The Humanistisch Verbond Flanders

The Humanistisch Verbond (H.V.) groups people who cherish a laic-humanist worldview.

The H.V. emphasizes the freedom of thought and action for the individual as well as the social responsibility of man. The H.V. in other means defends both freedom and solidarity.

H.V. believes in the alliance and affinity of people all over the world and also respects nature deeply. H.V. groups the freethinking movement that existed before world war II and was created as a movement for critical thought, freedom, dialogue and tolerance. It was founded 1951.

  • H.V. devotes itself to building a pluralistic community that holds respect and space for each attitude of life.
  • H.V. endeavours for the recognition of the humanist attitude towards life in all issues of ethics and philosophy of life.
  • H.V. informs, gathers, sustains and helps the member subsidiaries on local and provincial level that were created over the years in Belgium.

The H.V. has reached many of the important goals for which it was created: the equal rights (with other confessional beliefs), the constitutional recognition of the laic community in Belgium, the creation of the laic course in the schools and now recently the law on euthanasia.

But there is still work ahead; we can do many things in terms of debate, sensibilisation and information on the field of bioethics, multicultural and pluralistic society, discrimination of smaller groups (lesbians and homosexuals), human rights etc.

We plan to engage and interact with youth to build a society of active and conscious citizens.

Contact person
: Sien Simoens,


The H.V. was one of the most important forces behind the construction and defence of the laic organisational structures. The H.V. is a member-organisation and has around a hundred of local departments in the Flanders.

The H.V. has also a number of different workgroups that work around topics such as old age (de Grijze Geuzen), gender (the women workgroup), community forms, politics, multicultural society (MUSA) and ethics (in the field of education). Each of these groups is a place of meeting and discussion with all those interested, be it individuals or groups in the community.

1. Het Vrije Woord Magazine (bimonthly)
Magazine by and for the freethinker community.

2. Mores (bimonthly)
Pedagogical magazine for teachers of the school course on laicism and for parents of the pupils.

3. Het Kaderblad, magazine for the heads of the subsidiaries of H.V.V.

The H.V. also publishes books and pamphlets.

Radio Broadcasts
Each monday the H.V. broadcasts the programme 'laicism and philosophy' on VRT-Radio 1 from 19:20 PM to 19:45 PM.


The H.V. looks after the teletext pages of the H.V. on the public channel CANVAS (Cantext p. 731) with attention to freethinking related issues or views and upcoming activities.

Contact H.V.
Website: or

Address: Lange Leemstraat 57, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium,
Tel.: +32 (0)3- 233 70 32, Fax: +32 (0)3- 233 55 13,

@Written by Sien Simoens
, Study Departement H.V.

Involvement in IHEYO

The H.V is a member organisation of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). The H.V. was present by means of a representative at the 2002 International Humanist Youth Conference in the Netherlands. The head of the Humanistisch Verbond, Marianne Marchand, was present at the "adult conference" of IHEU.

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Humanistische Jongeren

Humanistische Jongeren (HJ) is an open, progressive, freethinking/liberal, pluralistic youth organization.

HJ gives high priority to youth matters, focusing in particular on recognizing the contribution that young people can make as responsible citizens. HJ is committed to communicating directly with young people on issues that have an impact on them.

The main objectives of HJ:

  • to promote secular humanist principles,
  • to stimulate social consciousness of young people,
  • to call for the endeavour for a liveable earth with social justice, mutual respect for the rights and opinions of every human being and every society, an earth without pulling down the environment,
  • to battle against racism,
  • to constitute a world picture that is objective by engaging in research relating to the critical examination of all elements in their respective context and many-sidedness,
  • to focus on the negative impact of global economy on society and the rise of the right wing. The HJ tries to give alternative solutions and has implemented several major initiatives to support this priority.

Open Space

HJ wants to create an open space for young people so they can develop themselves freely and culturally to get a bright perspective on the future.

This creation of an open space is important as alternative to a commercial society of consumption, profit and individualism with a rapid changing of values, especially regarding external appearances and body-culture. Young people fully committed to the environment or discovering the values of music, the beauty of literature, etc. probably get more satisfaction than out of any trend of the next most popular jeans.

Cultural development means personal development, as well as development of a communal sense and cooperation with other people in order to build a bridge between different cultures and classes and to make culture accessible for all classes.

How does HJ realizes its objectives?

  • by analysing and discussing the society in all its aspects,
  • by collecting information on emerging problems and by providing youth of objective information,
  • through: skill training, youth training programmes for people at the age of 16, capacity-building for youth, youth leaders and youth NGOs through leadership training programmes
  • to give services to children and youths
  • regional meetings or conferences
  • workshops on youth related problems and interests
  • organising activities for raising awareness and thematic meetings on specific issues
  • publication of several magazines for different age-groups of children and teenagers (two monthly magazines) that can be used in the moral lessons at primary and secondary schools. During the year 2001-2002 HJ has published magazines under the broad title "Time is money" which was aimed to stimulate thinking about time.

Overview of recent activities

*The legislation of an association.
*What is humanism/what are freethinkers?
*Debate on Palestina (June 2002).
*Skill training: language: copywriting, ortography.
*Pukkelpop: great music festival (August 2002).
*Cooking activity: how to cook healthy and cheap (Sept. 2002).
*African day (Sept. 2002).
*The National Youth Weekend to celebrate and promote the contribution of young people to HJ (Oct. 2002).
*How to create a website (Nov. 2002).

Contact HJ

Address: Humanistische Jongeren VZW,
Moretusstraat 2 and 4, 1070 Brussel
Tel: +32 (0)2-521 79 20, Fax: +32 (0)2-521 46 42

@Written by Lieve Vleaminck and Nicolaj Vercruysse

Involvement in IHEYO
The HJ is a full member of IHEYO.

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Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen

Brand Whitlocklaan 50, 1200 Brussel
Telefoon: 02 735 81 92, e-mail:
*UVV is a full member of IHEYO.

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