Conference Reports

IHEYO-African Working Group online conference 2006


Secularism and the State of Minority Right in Africa
Science, Technology and the African youths

Humanist Education


Resolution ‘ Secularism and the State of Minority Right in Africa’

*having observed (with disgust) the manner in which affairs of African states are run out of cheer notorious religiosity with noticeable moral bankruptcy as explicated by corruption in politics;

*appalled by current legislations that impede the fundamental rights of the sexual minorities in such countries as Nigeria, Uganda etc; and,

*disturbed by such governmental decisions as that those which do not adequately protect the interest of Africans living with HIV/AIDS as the case in South Africa;

we, African Humanist youths, participating in this conference resolve as follows:

1. that our leaders should embrace secularism as the only means by which every African citizen can be guaranteed their right within the African states;

2. urgent machinery should be put in place to stop the continued looting of African treasury by myopic 'democratic' leaders and that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) be given the highest priority by all our leaders;

3. we strongly condemn any attempt to denigrate the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Africans and deprive them of their fundamental rights;

4. and appeal to our leaders to ensure that all African People Living With HIV/AIDS are provided with free antireviral drugs and protected from discrimination by employers.


Resolution ‘Science, Technology and the African youths’

*realising that science cannot thrive amidst crass religiosity and early religious indoctrination of Africans youths;

*and disturbed by lack of facilities and conducive environment for scientific growth;

we, African humanist youths, resolve as follows:

1. our African students should be allowed to choose their belief out of their volition;

2. and conducive environments should be provided for African youths to fully utilize their scientific and technological potentials.


Resolution ‘ Humanist Education’

*reassured that the dire need for development in Africa requires the joint effort of all without any discrimination;

*and convinced that indoctrination into discrimination begin with the kind of education that the young minds receive;

the conferees agree that:

ALL Youth Humanist groups in Africa explore all means possible to commence Humanist Education Programme (HEP) as integral part of their advocacy projects.