Conference Reports

IHEYO Conferences

One of IHEYO's main activities is the organising of the annual international humanist youth Conference. This has been taking place since 2002. This year the conference will take place in Belgium, in July.

Past conferences dealt with humanism in practice, active citzenship, critical thinking, human rights and interculturalism. You can find in this section report from each conference. In addition, a lot of resources brought up during the 2005 conference 'humanism, interculturalism and active citizenship' have been included in this section.

Click here for the Conference reports:

2006 Conference 'Critical Thinking and Free inquiry in Education', India, IHEYO report
- Report of the online IHEYO-African Working Group conference
- Online IHEYO-African Working Group conference RESOLUTIONS

2005 Conference 'Humanism, interculturalism and active citzenship', France
- Overview of all presentations and summaries of workshops
- Overview of links and resources

-2004 Conference 'Global Humanism for Peace and Social Justice', Uganda

-2003 International Humanist Youth Conference, Germany
-Pictures of Youth Conference

-2002 International Humanist Youth Conference, Netherlands