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International Humanist Youth Conference 2003

Germany (Berlin), 29 August - 2 September

  Different Cultures, Enrich yourself, Learn more about Humanism, Make new friends, Thought and Action, Experience Berlin, Have a great and inspiring time!

International Humanist Youth Conference

Are you interested in Humanism and would you want to find out more? Or do you want to develop your skills and ideas as active young Humanist? This Conference offers a unique challenge to young persons to learn more about humanism in theory and practice, in an international setting, with many people from different cultures and with an interesting programme!

The International Humanist Youth Conference in 2002 was very inspiring and lots of participants wanted a follow up.
(Click here to read about the 2002 Conference). We expect that the Youth Conference this year will be just as inspiring and interesting, and hope to make it even better than last year.

The 2003 Conference will be held in Berlin, the capital city of Germany, from 29 of August to 2 September. IHEYO will co-organise the conference with the German Junge HumanistInnen Berlin, the youth organisation of the Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands. The Institute of Humanist Studies has granted a generous fund that sponsors a part of the conference costs and enable us therefore to make the conference cheaper for youth.

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What can you expect from an International Humanist Youth Conference?

Besides the enriching experience of meeting idealistic and humanist oriented young people from all over the world, you will have the chance to learn more about humanism in many colorfull aspects.

You can discuss current global, personal and regional topics like religious fundamentalism (in India, the US and African countries for instance), secular coming of age ceremonies, human rights like social economic rights (no to poverty, etc), humanist education, international humanst youth collaboration and other topics you find relevant. The programme is open to suggestions and there is plenty possibility to exchange ideas informally.

The conference is for young people active in (youth) humanist organisations and for those who would like to find out more about humanism. And it is organised by young humanists from different countries.

The programme will consist of interesting workshops around several topics one can choose for, a discussion about humanism, a citygame and visiting local (youth) humanist activities. A detailed programme will be available in the coming months on this site. You can also contact IHEYO for more information about the programme.

A part of the international youth conference in 2003 will be dedicated to IHEYO's first General Assembly. There will be voted about a constitution that will transform IHEYO into a youth section with a formal democratic structure and with a structure for a formal election of IHEYO's leadership, elected by young humanists. And new plans for international youth humanism will be made and discussed.

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What is Humanism?

For those who don't know that much about humanism, on this site you can read a short introduction to humanism. Very briefly described: humanism is a positive lifestance that stresses the importance of human responsibility, free choice, ethics, creativity and the right to self-determination. Humanism involves not believing in supernatural beings, such as a God, that people should listen to.

Humanists strive for universal human rights and values like the right to democracy, social economic rights, sustainable development and personal freedom to choose and be who you want to be. An inquisitive and open dialogue is important to many humanists as well as critical, independed thinking and the right to take one's own responsibility. Many humanists are atheist, skeptic or agnostic in their thinking.

Most youth humanist groups are involved in non-formal educational activities, human rights activities, organising of camps and student based activities. You can find out more on this site about humanist youth organisations and projects worldwide (click here).

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For Whom?

The Conference is for every one interest in Humanist thought or for those already active within a Humanist organisation. We have defined youth for this conference in general terms, people from around 15 years of age up to maximum 35 years of age are welcomed.

Participation to the conference is open to every young person that pays the participation fee. We will try to balance the participation of people from different countries, so that there is intercultural mixing. When many participants from one country register, we may set a maximum for participants from this country.

For people that need a Visa, IHEYO doesn't issue any visa-letters to requests e-mailed to IHEYO after 19 July. Since the conference is approaching, we do not have enough time to get formal Visa-invitations for people. For those that have registered before the 19th of July and need a Visa, IHEYO will let every one know soon who IHEYO can invite. We have received much more interest for participation than we can facilitate.

When you register early this fee will be 65 Euro per person. This includes full participation in the Conference, 4 nights of accommodation in a youth Hotel located in the Centre of Berlin, a cultural activity in Berlin, local visits and food during Conference days. When you register late, the fee will be 150 Euro. There is a maximum number of people that can participate.

When you are not able to pay travel costs yourself, please click here for more information about IHEYO's travel sponsorship. The fund for people coming from developing countries and needing travel support has been allocated and is not available anymore. There is a fund for youth from Eastern European countries and poor youth needing a partial funding.

We encourage young people that are members of a humanist organisation to ask their organisation for support of their travel costs. IHEYO is willing to facilitate this process when one would like to.

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Needing a Visa Letter

For people that need a Visa, IHEYO doesn't issue any visa-letters to requests e-mailed to IHEYO after 19 July.

Since the conference is approaching, we do not have enough time to get formal Visa-invitations for people. For those that have registered before the 19th of July and need a Visa, IHEYO will let every one know soon who IHEYO can invite. We have received much more interest for participation than we can facilitate.

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Register for the Conference

download the Registration Form (RTF) here,
and e-mail the filled in form to IHEYO:

About the Fee

The deadline for the early registration is end of July.
Before this time the fee will be 65 Euro, after the end of July the fee will be 150 Euro. This exact deadline will be notified on this site, when we receive more registrations than we can sponsor, so we encourage every one to register as early as possible. When the deadline changes, you will find out on this website as soon as possible.

When you are able to arrange accommodation in Berlin yourself, for instance because you already live in Berlin and therefore don't need accommodation, it is possible to pay a fee without accommodation. This is 20 Euro including dinners and 10 Euro when you take care of your dinners too. Please state in the Registration Form, when you would like to participate in the conference without staying at the youth hotel. Travel to the conference is on your own expenses as well as a travel insurance.

Payment of Fee

The registration becomes final when you have paid your registration fee by bank transfer to the Junge HumanistInnen Berlin. You receive more detail about this when you register.

You need to pay your fee three weeks after confirmation of your registration. You could coordinate the payment of the fee with other youth in your country, so that you all could pay the fee by one bank transfer which is cheaper. When there is a problem with paying the fee in advance, please contact the conference organisers as soon as possible.

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Practical Details, Organisers and Sponsors

IHEYO aims to bring together around 50 young people at this conference. IHEYO has made the fee for participation as low as possible, to encourage many young people to participate. The Institute of Humanist Studies (IHS) have made this possible with a generous grant for costs of the Conference. See for more information about IHS:

Hivos, Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries, has sponsored IHEYO in a travel grant to invite a few young humanists from the developing world. Their website is: Also IHEU helps in this respect:

The Conference is organised by IHEYO and the Berlin Junge HumanistInnen (Juhu's). You can go to the website of the Juhu's to learn more about their activities and their group:

And for more information about the Youth Hotel where the conference participants will stay in:

When you have any questions or want more information, you can contact IHEYO at: or 0031-35-6289932.

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