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La Libre Pensée


La Libre Pensée
The French Federation of Freethinkers


Founded in 1847 at the crossing of the Republican movement and dawning Labour movement which goal was the full secularism of State and school and the struggle against religious oppression, La Libre Pensée was rich of well known members in France as Raspail, Blanqui, Victor Hugo, Littré, Paul Bert, Ferdinand Buisson, Aristide Briand, Clemenceau, Emile Zola, Romain Rolland, Jean Jaures, Jean Rostand, Bertrand Russel…

La Libre Pensée was the main association in the struggle for separation between State and churches in the nineteenth century. The French separation law (laïcité) was the consequence of this struggle (in 1905).

Today La Libre Pensée is still very active. It organises conferences and colloquia among other things, and publishes a magazine. One of the recent colloquia was one about the Separation of Church and State as the 200 anniversary of Jefferson's Letter.

There are also young people active within La Libre Pensée.


La Libre Pensée is built over four main principles that generations of freethinkers have implemented.

Anticlericalism: Freethinkers refuse interference of religions within society and within republican institutions when they exist. In favour of secularism, La Libre Pensée defends in France the full respect of the 1905 law of separation of churches and State.

Against Religions: Freethinkers consider religions as one of the mains sources of obscurantism on earth. La Libre Pensée thinks that Humans must conquest happiness on earth and not in a so called paradise, refusing revealed truths, dogmas and in favour of a full freedom of consciousness.

Against Militarism: Freethinkers don't allow wars and massacres for interests in which people are not involved. In favour of unilateral disarmament, Free Thought is internationalist. Pacifist, the French federation of freethinkers is member of Free Forces of Peace.

Against Capitalism: Refusing every sort of economic exploitation as well as any political or religious oppression founded in enslavement of persons. La Libre Pensée is active for a full social emancipation of mankind.

Freethinkers are free citizens. By joining la Libre Pensée, they refuse any religious ceremony and have secular and civil funerals.

Contact La Libre Pensée

Postal address: 10-12, rue des Fosses Saint Jacques, 75005 Paris,

@written by Hansi Bremond

Involvement in IHEYO

La Libre Pensée is a member organisation of IHEU (IHEYO is the youth section of IHEU). La Libre Pensée was present at the 2002 International Humanist Youth Conference.

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