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Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC)

The Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) works with children/youths, parents, Government bodies and intergovernmental bodies in the promotion of children affairs. It works to identify the need of children/youths especially the rural child, the underprivileged and the weaker section of the society through participatory approach.

CAPEC is a non- political, non-governmental organization with Reg. No: G39/014/5/252 working in Cameroon. It started in 2002.


CAPEC's mission is to promote the welfare of children and youths. To do so, CAPEC works to realise the following objectives:

  1. make known the Rights of the Child and to protect them through education as prescribed by UNICEF and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  2. assist the needy child irrespective of tribe, origin, colour, sex and religion in the domain of education and social welfare;
  3. assist in eliminating child labour and sexual exploitation;
  4. assist children in confinement like prisons and rehabilitation institutions;
  5. prevention of HIV/AIDS.


target groups:

Orphans/abandoned children, Children/youths in prisons, Disabled children, Street/delinquent children, Youths (School dropouts) and the rural poor.

Kind of activities:

Networking with other youth groups, Field studies in rural areas, Sustainability links with our partners/beneficiaries, Training, seminars, workshops, conferences, Youth exchange programmes and Volunteering.


  • In partnership with ILO, CAPEC identified and sensitized 500 child labourers and their parents on the ills of child labour in the South West Province.
  • With financial assistance from the Canadian Fund for Africa Secretariat, (CIDA) CAPEC organizes a three day capacity building Youth Leadership Forum, which brought together 150 youth leaders both from Cameroon and abroad.
  • With material support from Synergy Africain, GTZ, UNICEF and National Commission for Human Rights and Freedom, CAPEC organized a football campaign against HIV/AIDS for out- of- school youth. The same campaign was organized in both primary and secondary schools in and out of Yaoundé.
  • With Support from Liliane Fonds, a Netherlands based organization, three handicapped children identified by CAPEC benefited from physiotherapy operation.
  • CAPEC empowers handicapped, orphans and street children with arts skills. The orphanages that benefited from these training are Petit Dan & Sarah Foundation, Bernadette Foundation, FACT Foundation, Centre d’Ecoute de Mfoundi and Foyer d’Esperance. Their works was exhibited at the British Council Cameroon.
  • With books gained from Book AID International UK/British Council, CAPEC was able to distribute 3,000 books to rural underprivileged children in their various schools (GPS Tancha, GPS Kosala II, EDUCARE School, and Ephiphata Institute (school for Deaf and Dump) etc) and in urban schools such as Queensway Bilingual School Essos, GOPAL Nursery School and Cameroon School of Excellence both in Yaoundé.
  • CAPEC over the years has organized and partaken in many training, seminars, workshops, forums and symposiums, both nationally and internationally.
  • Through the “Sponsor a Child Project” CAPEC sent thirty children (mostly orphans) to primary school during the 2004/2005 academic year. This was possibly with financial support from Les Hayman and Victoria (SAP France).

Postal address:
BP 20646 Yaoundé, Cameroon
Tel: (237) 775 16 06/732 94 19, Fax: (237) 220 90 03
E-mail:, Contact person: Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku, executive director, Website:

Involvement in IHEYO
CAPEC is a consultative member of IHEYO

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