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The Ethiopian Humanist Organization (EHO)


Yetibeb Mejemeria Firhatin Masweged Naw
The Beginning of Wisdom is the Elimination of Fear


EHO planted itself in the main city of Ethiopia in 2001 G.C.
Mr. Gebregeorgis Yohannes, who is the founder of this organisation, found me in the compound of Addis Ababa University where I was a freshman student. He told me his reason of coming from America to promote Humanism in Ethiopia.

Before I met Mr. Yohannes, I used to think I was the only one having such ideas as I had and that this philosophy was limited to me. With meeting Mr. Yohannes, I realized that a world wide organised humanist movement is with me from this spot. Since that moment, me and Mr. Yohannes started to organise activities together and watered the humanist idea to give it life in Ethiopia. And more humanists have by now joined the organisation that has become a strong organisation attracting people that are searching for scientific truth instead of a belief in an imaginary father figure.

Goals and Objectives

The goals of EHO are teach a) humanist ideology to youth humanists, especially those in higher education, and b) to make a better life. In spite of the scarcity of reading materials, EHO provides a humanist reading room to increase our membership, but we can’t provide books and other reading materials for each member because of the limited materials.

Our organisation is aiming to increase its active membership by:

  • publishing a new brochure,
  • publishing newsletter NEGODGWAD “Thunder”,
  • to operate an expanded humanist reading room that will be at the same time an office,
  • to publish a magazine in every 3-months.

Youth Activities

EHO also organises a bi monthly meeting with young university students and other freethinkers. And we have regular meetings with young humanists at the University where we discuss topics like:

  • Introduce the concept of humanism and to engage people into free inquiry to ask and question traditional beliefs.
  • Introducing scientific method of inquiry and reason.
  • Give people a sense of empowerment and worthiness, to abandon wishful thinking and to rely on self rather than on imaginary father figure.
  • Help people free themselves from superstitions, by exposing the fallacy.
  • Give council for youngsters about gender gap, HIV/AIDS and human rights.

Contact EHO

Address: P.O.Box 2560, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mr. Gebregeorgis Yohannes,

Involvement in IHEYO

EHO is member of the AHAL, African Humanist Alliance.

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