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Nigerian Humanist Students Society (NHSS)


Nigerian Humanist Students Society (NHSS)

Motto: science and reason for sustainable development

The Nigerian Humanist Students Society (NHSS) is an umbrella body for organised student humanist groups in Nigeria. 5 students groups are affiliated to the NHSS. The NHSS is active at several Nigerian Campuses.

NHSS defines Humanism as a movement "informed by Science, nurtured by Arts and motivated by compassion for human existence". Its aims are underpinned with this principle. And as humanists, atheists, agnostics and freethinkers, NHSS derives the goals of life from human needs and interests, rather than from theological or ideological abstractions, and it asserts that humanity must take responsibility for its own destiny.


The NHSS strives for:

  • The dignity of each human being, as end not as a means to an end.
  • Transcending divisive parochial loyalties based on race, religion, gender, nationality, creed, class and ethnicity. We strive to work together for the common good of humanity.
  • The belief in an open and pluralistic society like for our dear country Nigeria. We believe that democracy is the best form of government to free people from the domineering forces of the authoritarian elites.
  • The belief in enjoying life to the fullest here and now, and the belief in developing our creative talent to the fullest.
  • Dialogue and negotiations as the best means of resolving differences in opinion.
  • We belief strongly in the cultivation of moral excellence.
  • And we strongly believe in supporting the disadvantaged and the handicapped in society so that they will be able to assist themselves.
  • We declare our unalloyed commitment to education as a means for the Full Development of the Human Personality.

About the Organisation

Nigerian humanist students became organised formally on June 21st 2002. The idea for such a body was born in October 2001 at the last day of the first African Humanist Conference.

Since inception, NHSS with support from the Nigerian Humanist Movement (NHM) has been trying to do it right on Nigerian Campuses. Humanism awareness is growing among Nigerians. Right now NHSS has 20-40 members and 5 affiliated groups

The affiliated groups are the following:
  • Nigerian Freethinkers Students Association,
  • Secular and Agnostic Student Association led by Amusa,
  • The Humanist Students Association led by Friday,
  • Ogun State University Humanist Students Association led by Tola

The activities of the NHSS are:

  1. Organising conferences, seminars, public lectures and symposia.
  2. Publication of "Critical Examiner", the society's official newsletter billed to hit the newsletter market in Spring 2003.
  3. Organising disadvantaged and less-privileged centered programmes, for example a visit to the orphanage homes.
  4. Encouraging the formation of Campus Humanist Groups all over Nigeria and in other African countries (within the ambit of financial resources available).

Our Challenges

Humanism at Nigerian Campuses can be adjudged poorly! Of over 5 million Nigerian post-primary institution students, there are less than 10 thousand humanists (open & secret ones).

Within the organised student humanism, many members are afraid to come out for their non-theism. Only a few do so openly. Also, we are having it rough with obstacles such as literature drought, communication breakdown and no meeting point during vacations, non-recognition by University authorities, and having no leaflets etc. Funding for activities can be a problem too. We are working to counteract these problems and you can help us by joining NHSS.


For 2003 we strive to increase our active base to make humanist ideals stronger in our society. We want to organise more conferences, seminars and intellectual fora. Why not be part of us to achieve this dream?

You can join us by being a financial member or by networking your group with us to form a formidable force. Or by deciding to form or start a group on your campus. We will be more than happy to support you to nurture the dream. When you want to start a Humanist group on your campus or in your community, you can contact or

When you are older and want to be involved in humanism, you can join the Nigerian Humanist Movement as member. Please contact for more information:

Humanist Newsletter

To subscribe to the 'Humanist Enquirer', you can contact:
To subscribe to the 'Critical Examiner', you can contact:

Contact NHSS

Postal Address: C/O Center for Inquiry-Nigeria,
P.O Box 25269, Mapo, Ibadan,
Oyo State, Nigeria
E-mail:, Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson, president of NHSS

You can also contact, Leo Igwe is IHEU Growth and Development Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa.

@written by Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson.

Involvement in IHEYO

Yemi Johnson former president of NHSS, is IHEO's Secretary General.

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