The Executive Committee

IHEYOs Executive Committee takes care of IHEYOs day to day business. It consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-General and a Treasurer. There are also two regular boardmembers with different responsibilities and tasks.
In the emailadresses below, replace "(at)" with @.
President: Ms. Gea Meijers, Netherlands (gea.meijers (at)
1st Vice President: Mr. Lars-Petter Helgestad, Norway (lars-petter.helgestad (at)
2nd Vice President: Ms. Silvana Uhlrich, Germany
Secretary General: Mr. Ademowo 'Yemi Johnson, Nigeria (released from his duties untill 21st of March 2006)
Interim Secretary-General Mr. Asaba Lawrence, Uganda (appointed as interim untill 21st of March 2006, originally elected as boardmember) (asaba.lawrence (at)
Treasurer: Mr. Frederik Dezutter, Belgium
Boardmember: Ms. Sara Wastijn, Belgium

According to our Bylaws, EC-members are not able to represent any member organisation to the General Assembly. They have neither any other voting rights at the General Assembly meetings.