Joining IHEYO

One can join IHEYO as an organisation and as an individual.

IHEYO offers to its members an active network. It offers support with plans and international projects through the volunteerwork of its EC. IHEYO does not offer yet any financial assistence for groups, but we do know some funding possibilities for humanist groups, like the Institute of Humanist Studies and IHEU offer (with link to organisation's websites). We also send to our members by e-mail our newsletter 'Newspeak' and members can receive for some time the International Humanist News, IHEU's magazine, for free.

Full member organisations have a vote at the General Assembly, consultative memberorganisations and individuals have speaking rights, but no voting rights at General Assembly. For the next General Assembly there is a proposal to have membership dues for organisations for 50 to 100 Euro yearly, with the possibilty to request exemption for payment when this is not financially possible for the organisation.

Read more about joining IHEYO as a member organisation (with the application form)

Read more about joining IHEYO as an individual (with the application form)


E-mail groups

IHEYO has also an informal discussion group and e-mail newsletterservice which one can join. It is a free and easy way to be connected to an international network of humanist youth. It is very interesting too!
-You can subscribe to the e-maillist by sending a message to:
-To subscribe to the e-discussiongroup, you can send a message to: