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Humanist Freethinker Association of Havelland

Junge HumanistInnen Berlin


Humanist Freethinker Association of Havelland (HFH

The "Humanist Freethinker Association of Havelland" (short: HFH) stands for a free philosophy of life. In the HFH people meet, sharing a nonreligious sight of the world and wanting to live in a humanist and tolerant way.

The HFH stands for tolerance, peace, social justice, liberty for people who live and/or think different and for the self-responsibility of human beings.

We work mainly in the fields of life aid and counselling, youth work and support the elder - so we do a lot of social work. The HFH has a soupkitchen for homeless and poor people, we care for the addicted and the welfare of social weak persons. We also organize celebrations in a nonreligious way (like weddings, funerals etc). Our association offers to our members and every person who comes to us an open, warm and friendly atmosphere, in which you can discuss problems, enjoy freetime and find real friends.

Youth Work
Our youth works is concentrated on nonreligious youth celebrations and on the way to become an adult. We organise leisure time activities for young people (and children) in our three youth clubs (in Nauen, Bredow and Rathenow). There they can meet and talk to each other, they can play some games etc. - they can just share problems or have good times together. The HFH social workers take care of the young visitors and are always open for problems or new ideas. Summing up, it can be said that in our youth clubs the children becoming adults are not left alone and they get help if needed, and support from our side for every problem they have.

Education and international activities
We also organize trips for young people to other European countries and in our own country, so that they are given the opportunity to view inside different cultures, life styles and mentalities.

Added to these trips, we try to give education in taking responsibility for one´s own life, for the future, for a peaceful world and green environment. With this the HFH wants to make the people and mainly the youth aware of their role in the world: every individual is important and special and does not depend on the welfare of any god.

Youth exchange with Atheist Centre in India
Since 1994 we have been organising a youth exchange between the Atheist Centre in Vijayawada/India and our HFH. The Atheist Centre is situated in Vijayawada in the south Indian state Andhra Pradesh and was founded by Gora, a very important Indian reformist and friend of Gandhi.

In 1996 a delegation of young HFH-members visited India and the Atheist Centre for the first time, an Indian delegation were our guest in the same year. In 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 visits from us to the subcontinent and from our Indian friends to Germany followed.

Through the programme we learned about their social and humanist work, their mentality, amazing culture, thoughts and views on the world and much more. For us and for our friends of the Atheist Centre the exchange programme has become more than only work visits, we found a family there and they here. When we organise our journeys to India or the visits of our "Indian familiy" to Germany, every young member is involved (as well as hosts families etc.). In 2003 in February we hope to go to India again for the fourth time.

Contact HFH
Post Address: Karl-Thon-str. 42, 14641 Nauen, Havelland,
Tel: 0049-(0)33211450746, Fax: 0049-(0)3321450747,

© 2002 by Marie Prott & Silvana Uhlrich (members of "Humanist Freethinker Association of Havelland" HFH)

Involvement in IHEYO

HFH/Brandenburg is full member of IHEYO.

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Junge HumanistInnen Berlin (Juhus)

The Jungen HumanistInnen Berlin (JuHu) are the youth organisation of the Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands (HVD) Landesverband Berlin.

The JuHus organise projects like cooking classes, sports, dancing, art, group games, weekends for handicapped and non-handicapped children, etc. Also there are events like a new years ball, summer party and club nights. In springtime and autumn we offer weekends with outdoor activities. In winter and during the summer break we organise youth travels through Europe. It are mainly our members that take care of the youth in the camps and that organise the programme. They go through an education programme for this.

All this work is supported by two employees in the JuHu office. We also run a youth club with “open door” youth work, supported by the two employees and a small school club for pupils of a primary school.


We have about 250 members, mainly in the age between 18 and 30 years. but some of them show up only once a year at an activity. And of course there are also some very active members. There are seven honorary board members, which organise, discuss and lead the main activities of the JuHus. These activities are for the members (and friends) and also for young people aged between 13 and 18.


Next to all this activities the HVD runs a very successful project for coming of age ceremonies through JugendFEIER. JugendFEIER is reaching per year circa 3000 young people, age 13 to 15.

JugendFEIER consists of a variety of different courses and spare time activities that are offered in autumn and winter before the ceremonies take place in spring every year. A lot of JuHu members work as volunteers for the JugendFEIER and there is a good co-operation the JuHus in other areas.

Secular Ethical Classes

The HVD is also reaching young people in Berlin through secular ethical classes (Lebenskundeunterricht) on public schools where pupils can then choose for this classes instead of religion classes. 32.000 kids between 6 and 16 years use that offer, so this is an important project for the HVD.

As a new project we have a “Kids and Youth Office” that does district work.

Contact Junge HumanistInnen Berlin, or:
Junge HumanistInnen Berlin
Greifenhagener Str. 53
10437 Berlin
Tel.: 0049/ 030/ 48 49 65 12
(Antje Leuschke- Education and Members)

Involvement in IHEYO
The Juhus co-organised with IHEYO the second IHEYO conference in Berlin, 2003. And the parent organisation of the Juhus, Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands (HVD) is member organisation of IHEU, "parent" of IHEYO.

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