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Guinea Youth Humanists Association (AJHG)

The Guinea Youth Humanists Association (AJHG) is a non profit organisation that exists to empower and unite youth accross racial, ethnic, religious, social and
cultural lines for social justice, multicultural harmony and peace.

AJHG gives particular attention to the plight of troubled and needy youth and to those victimized by conflict, exploitation and personal violation.

AJHG recognises the universal declaration of human rights as basis of its action and services. AJHG works for the promotion of youth and youth organisation in program areas such as:

    1. Human rights,
    2. democracy,
    3. environment,
    4. population,
    5. health,
    6. and drugs.

AJHG carries out activities as Community development and leadership training,
it coordinates and conducts seminars, workshops, and conferences to raise awareness of problems confronting youth and generate effective responses. It
encourages communication and cooperative efforts amongyouth serving organisations around the world.

Contact AJHG

Contactperson: the President of AJHG, Amara Conte
Secretariat AJHG
Corniche nord,face entrée Dixinn port 3,
030 BP 928,Conakry,Guinea
Tel: (+224) 11 33 12 56

Involvement in IHEYO

The Guinea Humanist Youth Organisation is a full member of IHEYO.

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