The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest decision making body within IHEYO. The General Assembly comprises non-voting and voting members. Individuals and humanist organizations can join as members of IHEYO. To read more about joining as member, please click here.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and has the power to come together more times. At the General Assembly things as the budget, election of the Executive Committee, the action plan, membership applications etc. are decided upon. One can read more about the powers and duties of the General Assembly in the By-Laws of IHEYO (article 7).

General Assembly 2007

The fifth General Assembly of IHEYO will be held in Ronse, Belgium at the 29th of July (first session) and 4th of August (second session). For more information see below, or contact the IHEYO President Lars-Petter Helgestad.

Minutes of the previous General Assemblies