The Executive Committee

IHEYOs Executive Committee takes care of IHEYOs day-to-day business. It consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-General and a Treasurer and up to seven regular boardmembers with different responsibilities and tasks.
The EC is for the period 2006-2007 as follows: 

President: Mr. Lars-Petter Helgestad, Norway (lars-petter.helgestad (at) iheyo.org)
1st Vice President: Mr. Vikas Gora, India
2nd Vice President: Ms. Silvana Uhlrich, Germany
Secretary General: Mr. Ademowo 'Yemi Johnson, Nigeria (yemi.johnson (at) iheyo.org)
Treasurer: Ms. Gea Meijers, Belgium
Boardmember: Mr. Asaba Lawrence, Uganda 
Boardmember: Ms. Sara Wastijn, Belgium
Boardmember: Mr. Uttam Niraula, Nepal
Boardmember: Ms. Heini Oikkonen, Finland
Boardmember: Ms. Rosemary Wanjala, the Netherlands

To contact the boardmember, write their full name with a dot between the first and second name, place and @ and end it with iheyo.org, for instance gea.meijers(at)iheyo.org. See also contact IHEYO.