How does my organisation join IHEYO?

To be admitted as a member organisation, the organisation must agree with IHEYO's main identity and aims, and be accepted by the IHEYO General Assembly. A majority vote of represented full members at a General Assembly shall be sufficient to admit a member.

Next chance to be admitted as member is at the General Assembly of 2007, that will take place in July/August. Please apply a good time ahead for proper treatment of your application (i.e. latest by March 2007) to the IHEYO secretariat.


What is needed...

Background information about your organisation is needed
The IHEYO Executive Committee gives an advise to the General Assembly on the rejection or acception of the membership request. To be able to profoundly asses the request, it is needed to provide us with background information about your organisation, besides the application form.

Official government registration needed
IHEYOs By-Laws requires that all full member organisations are legally registered in their country. Please attach a copy of your government registration document when you are applying. You can apply as a part of another organisation that is the legal representative. (For instance if your group is a youth group that is part of the general humanist organisation in your region.)

When you are not formally registered
When you are not formally registered in your country, you can apply as concultative member.

Democracy needed
Your association has to be governed in a democratic way.

Ready for applying?

Please send:

  1. the Application Form, signed by two legal representatives of your association;
  2. your organisation's By-Laws/constitution;
  3. a list of current boardmembers;
  4. a statement of official registration within your country;
  5. an overview of activities (i.e. your latest Annual Report as well as your current Action Plan);
  6. and a letter of motivation.
If you wish, you may also attach other material that would give us a good presentation of your organisation, like f.ex. a brochure etc.

You may now find the application form by pressing here:
  Application form (pdf - 130 kB)