YouthSpeak February 2009

YouthSpeakNo.2, February, 2009


Presidential Note ► New Year, New Hope

Dear Readers,


Having edited the last issues of YouthSpeak, I am happy to relinquish that task to an outspoken professional and very active person in our IHEYO network. Yemi Ademowo Johnson, former Secretary General of IHEYO, founder of  the e-zine and now new Chair of the African Working Group, who is willing to help IHEYO with writing the YouthSpeak and developing its strength and quality to its peak. Join me in saying a big ‘Welcome’ to Yemi, as he assumes YouthSpeak editorship!

2009 is not only a year of changes in our internal working fields. Lots of actions have already taken place within this first month of the New Year. Obama, true to his electioneering promises, has already ordered the closure of Guntanamo and stop further torture in the prison. The humanist world has looked with open eyes to India as the Atheist Centre heldits 2009 World Atheist Conference in Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh with lots of international guests and important platforms for our humanist network. IHEYO was present with its Asian working group and some other EC members, who also seized the opportunity to plan for the next IHEYO conference in Nepal, later in the year.

And just with a small step into the new month we will cross one of the most exciting events this year – the Darwin Day. All around the world we can find thousands of events, campaigns or just a note about Darwin, about his life work, his importance for our existence today.


So, what has changed in your surrounding? Did you change? When was the last time you ever thought about a change or when did you reflect on your doings at latest? Are you happy with your life? Are you proud of your work,  your career, and your achievements? Is there still space for more challenges or room for personal growth?


As for me, all I can say is: I’m really happy with my life, but there is still something to do, still room for personal growth., and I can go on reeling other changes I clamour for. But, nevertheless, the quest for these changes is itself one reason to be happy! What about you?

Silvana Uhlrich is President, International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation