(11) Members in Focus

Students Network

Transhumanist Student Network is the student/youth arm of the World
Transhumanist Association (WTA) (www.transhumanism.org). The goal of
TSN is to promote ethical use of technology to extend human


TSN, as a group, provides
assistance to individuals and groups in setting up transhumanist
groups on campuses; recommends contacts for speaker events and
supplies materials from the World Transhumanist Association (WTA) for
outreach efforts. The group also provides assistance to individual
advocates. TSN is guided by the Transhumanist Declaration in their

Contributions of TSN
chapters to the transhumanist campaign efforts range from bringing
relevant experts to campus to speak on their work, to involvement in
service projects that incorporate technologies to meet the needs of a
target community. The first step in achieving such goals is the
establishment of a campus group, which the TSN leadership usually
assists in accomplishing.

Campus groups are often
established by a single determined person who advertises the idea and
gathers friends and new acquaintances into a formal campus
organization. Try to interest a group of founding members through
friend networks, sympathetic professors, and by posting
(eye-catching, informative) flyers with your contact info and the URL
for the WTA homepage (www.transhumanism.org).
Individual advocacy are also encouraged such as writing letters to
the editor.

TSN also provides Student
Advocate Guide for advice on how leaders can advance the
transhumanist movement and pursue their career goals.

The current president of
the association is Edward Miller, and he is assisted by ten regional
committee members in Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America,
south Asia, Russia and Central Asia, East Asia, South East Asia,
Middle East and Oceania.

Check out the group's
website for more information: www.transhumanism.org/tsn