Youthspeak January 2009

Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak, dear IHEYO members,

Welcome in the New Year, welcome into 2009. After some very active and colourful years inside the IHEYO movement, we hope to develop our network in the new starting year far more and increase our communication
level to all our members and people who like to be part of us.

It is wellknown to us that youngsters stands for the future of life, the generation of hope, the ongoing development in the world. With this knowledge we hope not to disappoint our observers, our funders,
families and friends as we hope to be strong enough to keep that promise for ourselves as well.

It is IHEYOs pleasure to inform you about the happening of the 2009 Youth conference in Nepal. With the great financial support through the IHEU-HIVOS Grant in this year again, we can realize our plans to meet again in October 2009. As the Conference stands under the sign of Human Rights IHEYO will highlight actions, events and activities around that issue. The conference will become a place for more education, an exchange place for discussions and project ideas and furthermore a place to come together under the will of being humanists by heart. Soon IHEYO will start the official announcement for sending in the participation application. So be aware of that information.

He was a humanist by heart as well. Although brought up in a Christian family and with the belief in the bible, he started to doubt, he started to get sceptical about written statements in the holy scripts. And he became world
popular through his enormous work and theory of evolution. His book on Natural selection is still one of the most popular and most controversial books since the America Creationism. 2009 is the Darwin Year and we will celebrate Charles Robert Darwins 200
th birthday on 12th February this year.



We are thankful to all our friends, supporters and members which encourage our work and our own
motivation again and again, which helped us to survive, to swim against a small breeze or a big thunderstorm, to be prepared and balanced in difficult times but still feel strengthened against all troubles out there as we have support from your side. Thanks a lot for this partnership, thanks a lot for being out there, thanks for taking care in IHEYOs network.

IHEYO hopes to keep that relationship with pride and strength.

Happy New Year,

Yours Silvana Uhlrich,

President IHEYO.