Introduction brochure to IHEYO

A new introduction brochure to IHEYO has been published. The brochures
briefly outlines IHEYO’s identity as
an international
community that fosters the growth of youth humanist members,
being the Youth Section of

The brochure explains the current and coming activities of IHEYO in each of
IHEYO’s objectives:

providing an international
to exchange, network and learn from each other;

offering training,
non-formal education
and other relevant information to humanist youth

individuals and organizations directly
in their activities when funding is a big problem;

making youth
humanism visible in the world
, especially in the humanist community.


Some of the
activities highlighted are the 2013 European Humanist Youth Days, the 2012
first West African Conference on youth humanism versus superstition, the 2013
International Conference in South East Asia, social media and sharing, an
online portal with loads of information, etc.


One can view
the brochure here: