Become a member organisation

Membership possibilities
  • Full membership, open to youth branches of humanist organisations and humanist organisations dedicated to the activities of youth under the age of 35. These organisations must be formally constituted within a country and be democratically governed. The youth activities of the organisation do not need to be the major activity of the organisation. It is enough when some of the activity carried out by the organisation is dedicated to youth.
  • Consultative membership, open to any humanist association.
  • Individual membership for individuals younger than 35 years of age,you can soon find here an application form to apply as individual member. In the meantime, you can write to office(at) to apply for membership with your contactdetail, date of birth and motivation to join as member.


Formal rights of membership

  1. Full members have the right to vote at the General Assembly. Each voting member has one vote, but organisations with over 1000 members have two votes and organisations with over 3000 members have three votes. Only members under 35 years of age are considered. In the case of umbrella organisations, the members of member organisations are counted.
  2. Consultative members do not have a vote at the General Assembly, but they do have speaking and proposal rights.

General Assembly of IHEYO

The General Assembly is the highest decision making body within IHEYO and is comprised of all voting and non-voting members. The General Assembly is held annually. When a member is unable to send a delegate, the right to their vote may be transferred to another delegation by informing the IHEYO Secretary-General in writing, by post or fax.

What is considered a humanist organisation?

To be considered a humanist organization, it is sufficient that the goals of the organization are consistent with IHEYO's main aims and identity. Humanism is defined according to the IHEU Amsterdam Declaration of 2002. A humanist organisation may have members that do not consider themselves humanists.

What will membership to IHEYO cost?

The General Assembly 2004 decided that from the year 2005, membership in IHEYO will cost

Full members:
For member organisation with less than 1,000 members: 50 Euros annually.
For member organisation with more than 1,000 members: 75 Euros annually.
For member organisation with more than 3,000 members: 100 Euros annually.

Other members:
For consultative members 25 Euros annually.

If any organisation/member cannot pay the stipulated fees then the organization concerned has to formally state why they could not and the EC can then decide on the possibility to waive the fee.

How does my organisation join IHEYO?....Click here to find out.