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Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya (HEUK)


Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya (HEUK)


Humanism differs from religion and so are their ethical implications. The roots of the Humanist ethics are not revelation, faith and philosophy, but scientific research, knowledge and compatibility between nature and humanity. Africa being a traditional continent that had been dictated by religion and culture, most of its ethics is static. We must understand that ethics is the bedrock of humanity; it is a basic guideline for human conduct, thinking and belief. Therefore, no human society can thrive without ethics. All societies being inevitably dynamic has caused a growing concern and dissonance between ethics and culture. We need to develop and adopt a modern ethical construct that takes into account the problems, requirements and anxieties of today's humanity and the fact that our species can survive only in an intact with nature.


The objectives of HEUK are:
a.. a) To unite young people around the nation and engage them in activities that will be beneficent to them and their surrounding communities.
b.. b) Promote humanism and innovativeness as contained in the IHEU statement of Amsterdam declaration 2002,
c.. c) Encourage rigorous intellectual activities amongst the youth in all provinces of KENYA by engaging in discussions for development.
d.. d) Promote the Harambee spirit of self help and nation building.
e.. e) Work towards having a nation wide office.
f.. f) To support humanity through human rights interpretation and education.


Membership is open to any Kenyan person over fifteen (15) years. One can apply for membership and the board decides upon approval. Upon approval, a registration fee of a hundred shillings (100 KSH) and a weekly subscription of twenty five (25 KSH) shall be paid by the member. For more details about membership, please contact HEUK.


HEUK was formed in June 3rd 2004 after members of the University of Nairobi Philosophical Society attended an international conference on Humanism in Uganda. Our model of operation is clearly defined in the HEUK constitution and our initiative is to operate as a non-governmental organisation without politics but high in morals.

The constitution has been drafted by join efforts from:

  • University of Nairobi Political Science Students Association (NUPOSA),
  • University of Nairobi Philosophical Society (NUPHIS),
  • University of Nairobi Social Work Students Association (NUSWA),
  • People's Popular Theatre (PPT).
  • University of Nairobi Anthropological Students Association (NUASA)
  • The Environment

    HEUK has postulated its concepts of educating the local populace on the need to adapt to the new ethical construct, that of balanced co-existence with parts of ecology.

    No species, not even Homo Sapiens, can live by itself. Life modifies environment and environment modifies life. Eco-ethicsis being defined as a ethical human thought and conduct, oriented to what is right or wrong, beneficial or destructive for the total Nature plus Homo Sapiens. And as humanists, we have a greater role to play, to speak for those species that cannot speak for themselves. To act on behalf according to the best of our knowledge.


    Post message:

    You can send us literature in small quantities using the address below:
    Boaz Adhengo
    P.O. Box 75986 - 00200
    Citysquare, Nairobi

    Call Us: +254 733867644

    Linkage to Other Organisations

    HEUK has expanded to be involved in International activities aimed at promoting the humanitarian revolution towards a better continental achievement, Africa. We work with such organisations as Center for Inquiry, Federation of International Philosophical Societies, International Association for Environmental Philosophy, Henrich Boel Foundation and the Eco-Ethics International Union.

    The propelling organ remains the University of Nairobi Philosophical Society with concerns for local operations and implementation of major projects for Kenyans supporting the Humanist approach to developmental pragmatism.

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    Involvement in IHEYO

    HEUK is member of the African Humanist Alliance and in good contact with some of the IHEYO boardmembers.

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