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Zenius Education : A Revolutionary Learning Platform for Indonesia

Zenius Education, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with a population of around 240 million, and is home to approximately 60 million school-age children. With this large population, traditional teaching – where good teachers can only teach a small number of students per year – is too slow to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. However, Zenius Education believe that information technology will enable quality teaching to reach students nationwide at significantly lower costs. 

A successful education system enables its participants to think critically and logically, have a solid understanding of science, and develop an attitude of openness towards local, national, and international insights. Zenius understand that education is what makes civil society possible. Therefore, to provide the deliverance of such knowledge, the combination of online technologies and well-educated tutors that meet Zenius’s certain quality standards, are the way Zenius Education has choosen to educate and define the way to learn.

Zenius started developing their multimedia learning tutorials in early 2004. Since this time, the mission of has been to deliver a universal platform of human knowledge in an accessible and understandable, step by step format for students and scholars alike. As of today, Zenius has provided more than 33,000 videos, providing learning for twelve-year school subjects (K-12), accessible via multimedia platforms (PC, Tablet, Smartphone). Zenius teaching videos are also distributed throughout Indonesia in the form of online multimedia and CD/DVD.

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