About us

IHEYO is the youth umbrella organisation for humanist youth (up to 35 years of age) around the world. As youth group related to IHEU, IHEYO has had a long and interrupted history of existence, dating back to the sixties.

In 2000, IHEYO was reactivated. Since then international conferences have been organised and several projects like a yearly internship programme and a worldwide youth humanist database have been executed. Youth representatives coming from 17 humanist organisations reinstated IHEYO with by-laws at the international conference in Berlin, Germany in September 2003, Germany. They elected an official IHEYO Executive Committee. Since 2003, annual conferences have been held, and the current Executive Committee was elected in 2008.

IHEYO remains linked to IHEU, the umbrella organisation for more than 90 humanist, skeptic, rationalist, etc. organisations around the world and having formal representation at international bodies like the UN.

IHEYO has developed many contacts and concrete collaborations with humanist (youth) groups and individuals around the world. For more about humanist groups in the world, please go to our worldwide humanist database. It will show you that in many places youth humanism is vibrant and growing!