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Past Events


  • Parallel session at Oxford World Humanist Congress

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14/04/2014 to 18/04/2014

  • 2nd World Conference on Untouchability

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21/02/2014 to 23/02/2014

  • European Working Group Meeting 2014, Utrecht

    Representitives met in the Netherlands to discuss the future of the European Working Group and IHEYO.

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  • Meeting of Asian Humanist Alliance, IHEYO

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02/08/2013 to 05/08/2013

21/06/2013 to 23/06/2013

  • Asia Humanism Conference: Breaking Barriers

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23/11/2012 to 25/11/2012

21/11/2012 to 24/11/2012

  • Asian Humanists Against Untouchability

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27/04/2012 to 29/04/2012

  • International Humanist Youth Weekend

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25/02/2012 to 26/02/2012

  • IHEYO European Working Group meeting 25-26 February 2012, Germany

    IHEYO organized its second European Working Group meeting last February in Berlin. Active humanist youth members were present from: different humanist organizations in Belgium, the Jong HV in the Netherlands, AHS from the UK, HU from Norway, several groups from the BundesJuhus and HVB in Germany, and humanist organizations from Poland.

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25/11/2011 to 26/11/2011

  • IHEYO Regional African Working group meeting, Uganda 25-26 nov 2011

    IHEYO organized its Regional Africa Working Group Meeting in Kampala, Uganda, at 25 and 26 November 2011. The meeting was organized by Betty Nassaka with the help of her organization UHESWO. Betty is the elected chair of the African Working Group of IHEYO and the Secretary General of IHEYO.
    Betty Nassaka introduced humanism and opened the regional meeting. On the first day young humanist leaders in the region spoke about their work:

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12/08/2011 to 14/08/2011

  • International Session, Step by Step and Peace by Piece

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17/11/2010 to 20/11/2010

  • AHA meeting (2010, Kathmandu, Nepal)

    Read the report here.

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  • Humanist Leadership Training in Nepal

    Leadership Development Training on Humanism  
    November 17-20, Kathmandu, Nepal
     International Humanist and Ethical Union, London (
     International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organization, Brussels (
     Federation of Indian Rationalist Association(FIRA)
     Social Development Foundation (SDF), India

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08/10/2010 to 10/10/2010

  • IHEYO General Assembly 2010

    International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO) organized its 2010 General Assembly(GA) from 8-10 October 2010,

    in Krakow, Poland

    At the GA, there were several agendas discussed among representatives of member organisations. Total 22 member organisations throughout the world were presented at the GA, directly or indirectly. In the following text you will get an overview of decisions and changes made during these days.

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20/10/2009 to 25/10/2009

  • Secularism: The Open Door for Human Rights Defense

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  • IHEYO Extraordinary General Assembly 2008

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  • YHN’s “Humanist Against WitchKilling” Project

    Conceived in August 2008 but debated and approved by the Young Humanistas Network executive meeting of October 2, 2008, the Humanist Against WitchKilling, HAWK, Project is meant to be an intervention project to address the recent wave of child witch hunting and stereotyping going on in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

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04/06/2008 to 08/06/2008

  • "The Future of Youth Humanism" - IHEYO's 7th Annual Event from 4th -8th June 2008 in Washington D.C.

    IHEYO organized successfully its 7th annual event in June 2008 in cooperation with IHEU and the American Humanist Alliance AHA at the Humanist World Congress in Washington D.C..

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  • Second meeting 2007 General Assembly will be held on November 3d

    As IHEYO did not meet the quorum at its last 2007 GA in July, following the requirements of our By Laws a second meeting has been called for. At the second meeting the quorum need not be met, but the agenda will be the same.
    IHEYO’s second General Assembly will take place on November 3d, in the Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands, from 13.00 to 17.00. Delegates are welcome at the following address: CoornhertCentrum, Erasmusplein 87, Den Haag.


  • IHEYO Tolerance Campaign 2007

    The Tolerance Campaign 2007

    In this project two kinds of methods were used: educating and giving information. By combining the two methods, both activities were strengthened and made the campaign, overall, to a strong campaign.

    The information found was fed back to the national and international level for raising awareness on minorities. IHEYO made information available to other organizations through its website, reports and newsletter.

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29/07/2007 to 04/08/2007

  • IHEYO seminar on Equal Opportunities and Social Inclusion in Youth Work

    Diversity and Interaction – these are the best words that can depict the international seminar on „Equal Opportunities and Social Inclusion in Humanist Youth Work” held in Ronse, Belgium, from July 29 to August 4 2007. The event coincided with the IHEYO General Assembly and a European Tolerance Campaign preparatory meeting.

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01/06/2007 to 03/06/2007

  • First meeting of Asian Humanist Alliance

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29/10/2006 to 04/11/2006

28/10/2006 to 04/11/2006

  • IHEYO annual conference 2006 on Critical thinking and free enquiry in education

    In the South of India, in Vijayawada, more than 50 young humanist youth leaders and experts came together to develop their ideas and skills on teaching critical thinking and free inquiry during the fifth annual international IHEYO conference. At the same time, humanist youth leaders in Africa held an online conference to discuss pressing issues for African societies. The next issue of the YouthSpeak will inform you deeply about these events.

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08/07/2006 to 16/07/2006

  • International humanist youth training

    Four organisations from four different countries exchanged this summer in the heart of the European Union: Brussels. They couldn't have chosen a more symbolic place. Around 20 young people came together, from Belgium, Norway, Finland and Poland.

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30/09/2005 to 02/10/2005

  • IHEYO at the UNESCO youth Forum in Paris

     From 30 September to 2 October more than 200 young people from all over the world gathered at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris for the 4th UNESCO Youth Forum. IHEYO was present as one of the observers and was able to make people not forget that there are also non-religious life stances. Some references to general lifestances were included in the end resolutions.

08/07/2005 to 15/07/2005

  • Humanism, interculturalism and young active citizenship IHEYO Conference, Paris 2005

    You can find here all the Conference 2005 reports. Below on this page, you can find the programme with links to summaries and presentations available.

    Click here for the Conference reports:

    - Full conference report
    - Report of the first day
    - Report of the second day
    - Report of the third day
    - Summary of the projects developed
    - Overview of all presentations and summaries of workshops
    - Overview of links and resources

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20/05/2004 to 24/05/2004

  • 2004 Conference: Humanism for Peace and Social Justice

    The conference was the first international humanist youth conference in Africa ever. The conference, ‘Global Humanism for Peace and Social Justice’, was held in the capital of Uganda, Kampala, from 20-24 May. It was the kick-off to a week full of international humanist activity. The conference was co-organized with the youth department from the Ugandan Humanist Association (UHASSO).

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29/08/2003 to 02/09/2003

  • 2003 conference: empowering each other

    The international conference ‘Humanist Youth’ was held from 29 August to 2 September in Berlin, Germany. In total 42 people participated, coming from 15 countries of which 6 from countries outside Europe: the USA, India (like the year before) but also Nigeria, Tanzania, Pakistan and Nepal. Almost all youth came from humanist (youth) organizations.   

01/07/2002 to 05/07/2002

  • 2002 Conference: a new beginning

    The first IHEYO conference since a decade ‘Empowering youth in the humanist movement’ was held from 1 to 5 July in the Netherlands. It ran parallel to the World Humanist Congress that is held every three years.

    In total, 45 youth humanist leaders participated in the conference, coming from 16 mainly European countries of which 2 people from countries outside Europe: the USA and India. Unfortunately, several youth from the global south were unable to attend due to the refusal of Dutch Embassies to grant visas, despite the efforts of IHEYO and the participants.

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