(1) Project of the month: IHEYO Youth Conference 2009 in Nepal

International Humanist Youth Conference in October 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal


The topic of the 2009 Youth Conference will be ”Secularism – the open door for human rights defense“,
discussing human rights questions on a course and focusing on youth humanism globally as also how we as individuals and as organizations can work to enhance our common goals.

The conference will address the need of a workable network inside IHEYO and mostly in the working groups to motivate more groups worldwide to join. Humanist organizers and human rights activists will gain further knowledge on how to get their messages across through in an appealing, effective way and learn about multiplier tasks. IHEYO aims to support youth humanist leaders from developing countries to attend this event.


In the next days IHEYO will announce the exact dates and procedures for applying for that event and hopes to receive lots of intersted participamt emails.