Themes of the YouthSpeak November 2008

Dear Readers of the YouthSpeak,

November seems to be the month of challenges. America stands in front of a new decade with the Presidental elections, IHEYO has to close down its communication office for hopefully just two months as it is lacking financial support for the officers and also IHEYO is facing some problems with its intern server. So hopefully this will be solved in the next days to send out the YouthSpeak via e-newslist.

Otherwise we hope to guide you carefully through the cold getting season to wake up your brain, to keep you informed and to open your eyes for other beautiful or new things.

With regards from the office,

Silvana Uhlrich, Communication officer IHEYO.   


Themes of the YouthSpeak

(1) Project of the month - Adolescent Girls Workshop

Many serious diseases in adulthood have their roots in adolescence.  Adolescence is a time of many transitions both for teens and their families. To ensure that teens and adults navigate these transitions successfully, it is important to understand what is happening to the teens; how these transitions affect teens and what support resources are available. Read more about the successful workshop in Liberia.

(2) Portray of the month - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

 Read more about this outspoken woman, who comes originally from Somalia, but lives since ten years in the Netherlands as feminist, writer, and politician. She is a prominent critic of Islam and the raise her voice for the human rights of everybody. 

(3) IHEYO member - HEF, the Norwegian Humanist Association

 Read more about the Norwegian Humanist Association, one of IHEYOs founder member organisations and long term partner.

(4) EC interview -  Read more about our new EC member Sven Berg Ryen from Norway

(5) NEW: Column of the month - written by Yemi Johnson

 Read more about Witchcraft and poverty.

(6a) Book advice and more

 Read more about Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her work for the movie "Submission I".

(6b) Book advice and more II

 Read more about Ayaan Hirsi Alis book "Infidel".