Joining IHEYO

Organisations can join IHEYO. When you are an individual, you can soon find here an application form to apply as individual member. In the meantime, you can write to office(at) to apply for membership with your contactdetail, date of birth and motivation to join as member.

Join IHEYO as an organisation!

  1. IHEYO offers to its members an active network that brings you into contact with young persons and organisations around the world!
  2. IHEYO does not offer yet any financial assistance for groups, but we do know some funding possibilities for humanist groups, like the Institute of Humanist Studies and IHEU offer.
  3. We send our members our newsletter 'YouthSpeak' by e-mail.
  4. Full member organisations have a vote at the General Assembly, consultative member organisations and individuals have speaking and proposal rights.

Read about joining IHEYO as a member organisation (with the application form)

When you are an individual

You can get involved with IHEYO through:

  1. discussing and reading in our online forum;
  2. subscribing to our e-newsletter  YouthSpeak;
  3. participating in one of our events;
  4. get in contact with other humanists in your country, you can ask IHEYO for contact details;
  5. helping IHEYO as volunteer.