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Sisi Kwa Sisi

Free-and-Fearless thinkers in Tanzania

Sisi Kwa Sisi is a humanist community based organization with the object of mobilizing and organizing people at the grassroots level for positive social changes through a human centred rational, scientific approach. The group has its headquarters in Mbeya town, in the southern highlands of Tanzania, bordering Zambia and Malawi. Sisi Kwa Sisi was founded in 1991 by Mr. Nsajigwa Mwasokwa together with 5 other young persons.


The mission of Sisi Kwa Sisi is to work very hard for the self-empowerment of people and families at the grassroots (peasants, youth, women and children) economically, educationally and ethically and in this way bring positive and progressive social changes in communities.
Sisi Kwa Sisi is a circle of philosophically inclined individuals who are critical of supernaturalism -traditional as well as religious- and who have embraced Rationalism. Through constant reading for intellectual enlightenment, the group discovered Humanism and came to realise that Humanist principles is what the group had been practising for many years. In 2002, Mr. Nsajigwa Mwasokwa of Sisi Kwa Sisi participated in the IHEU World Congress and met many humanist leaders from other countries.

To capture Sisi Kwa Sisi's mission in one statement: "to recapture the r