Affiliations - IHEYO as a network organisation

IHEYO is an organisation that has as one of its function to be a network for young humanists around the world. Being an organisation consisting of a network of organisations, IHEYO is also member of some other networks or network organisations.
IHEYO is member of IHEU
IHEU is the umbrella organisation for humanists, rationalists, freethinkers and sceptics around the world. IHEYO has always been in some way linked to IHEU since it started in 1966. The past years, since IHEYO's reactivation in 2000, IHEYO and IHEU have talked about how to formally shape their connection. The talks about how to formalise the connection, has resulted in IHEYO being a full member to IHEU. This gives IHEYO full voting rights at the General Assembly of IHEU. IHEYO looks forward to continue working with IHEU.

IHEYO is member of BWPP

IHEYO is member the international network BioWeapons Prevention Project (BWPP). The BioWeapons Prevention Project (BWPP) is dedicated to reinforcing the norm against the weaponization of disease, and acts as a global civil society that tracks governmental and other behaviour under the treaties that codify the norm.

At 26th of March 1975 the international treaty that gives norms for the use of bioweapens came into existence. The Convention have been ratified by 153 states of the world. 16 states have signed the convention but need still to ratify it, and the remaining 25 states have neither signed nor ratified it. Does your country participate in this treaty? You'll find the list under «resources» at

IHEYO is supporter of UNITED
IHEYO supports UNITED, a cooperation of more than 560 organisations from 49 European countries working together - united in the biggest anti-racism network. They strive for the rights of refugees and migrants and for an end to racism, nationalism and discrimination. The organisations join hands in a way of respecting different approaches. Promoting cooperation across national and cultural borders and making our multicultural societies work.
IHEYO for a Civic Europe
IHEYO is a partner to CIDEM, a French umbrella organisation for the furtherance of citizenship and democracy, in order to work together on the fields of education to citizenship and civic appropriation of the European construction. Together with 100 national, regional and local associations and NGOs from 21 European Union countries, engaged in their respective countries on matters relating to citizenship and civic education, IHEYO signed the resolution “For a civic an popular appropriation of Europe”, and became member of the European Civic Forum.