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IHEYO's history

IHEYO has had a long and interrupted history of existence, dating back to the sixties. Its current reactivation dates back to 2002.

Annual International Conferences

  • 2002 Empowering youth in the humanist movement, the Netherlands.
  • 2003 Humanist Youth, Germany.
  • 2004 Humanism for Global Peace and Social Justice, Uganda.           
  • 2005 Humanism, interculturalism, and active citizenship, France.
  • 2006 Critical Thinking and Free Inquiry in Education, India.
  • 2006 AWG Online Conference Humanism and African Youths, Africa.
  • 2007 Seminar Equal Opportunities & Social Inclusion in Humanist Youth Work, Belgium.
  • 2008 International Session, The Future of Youth Humanism, USA.
  • 2009 Secularism – the open door for human rights defense, Nepal.
  • 2011 International Session, Step by Step and Peace by Piece, Norway.
  • 2012 ??
  • 2013 Romania ??
  • 2014 Cosmopolitanism parallel session Oxford

One month international internship programme

2001: Shannon Culek (SSA, USA) at IHEU (UK) to start a new IHEYO. And Vikas Gora (Atheist Centre, India) at the American Humanist Alliance (USA).

2002: James Walker (USA) at IHEU (UK).

2003: Stephanie Kirner (SSA, USA) at the IHEU (UK). And Ademowo Adeyemi Johnson (NHM, Nigeria) at the Norwegian Humanist Association.

2004: a Pakistani women’s rights activist at the Norwegian Humanist Association. (financial)

Travel and stay support

2002: VB Rawat (SDF, India) to IHEYO 2002 Conference (through Hivos). All 40 European participants were for a large part of their stay and travel costs covered by the EU EYP grant.

2003: Isakwisa Mwakalonge (SisiKwaSisi, Tanzania) and human rights activists from Pakistan to IHEYO Conference. Partly support for Laxmi Bhattrai and Bishwa Shah (a humanist organization in Nepal). All through Hivos  2004: Much of the staying costs for Ugandan participants living outside Kampala were covered. And the travel and most of the stay for Kenyan and Tanzanian participants was covered. All through a Hivos grant

2005: All European participants were for a large part of their stay and travel costs covered (COE EYF).

2006: IHEYO covered the travel of 10 Nepalese and almost 10 Indian participants not living in Andra Pradhesh. A part of the staying costs for all Nepalese and Indian participants was covered. All through Hivos and IHEU-Hivos2007: Hujo covered most of the stay and travel from European participants.

2008: The travel of Asaba Lawrence, chair African Working Group, to IHEYO conference session was supported through the IHEU-Hivos grant.

2009: Travel grant for participants coming from outside Kathmandu, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India and most of the stay covered for participants in the region (IHEU-Hivos grant).

2004-2014: Travel and staying costs for EC members is covered by IHEYO, mostly through the grant by the Norwegian Humanist Association, given that EC members have actively engaged in the IHEYO work.  

Regional Meetings

2007: Asian Working Group (AHA-IHEYO) meeting, 1-3 June, Nepal. African Working Group meeting, 4-7 October, Uganda.

2008: AHA-IHEYO meeting, 10-13 April, India. Meeting establishment European Working Group, 8 November, Germany.

2010: AHA-IHEYO meeting, 17-20 November, Nepal. European Working Group meeting, 8-9 October, Poland. 

Special Project: European Tolerance Campaign 2007


2004: Respect for LGBT rights in Uganda. And signing of petition against article 51 EU constitution privileging religion.

2005: Respect for LGBT rights in Uganda. And urging the European Commission and Parliament, not to grant money to the World Catholic Youth Days (and not to youth celebrations of other life stances).

2002: new website and worldwide online database of youth humanist organization.
2003: start of the e-newsletter YouthSpeak (December 2003).
2004: database updated, four issues of YouthSpeak, IHEYO news in the International Humanist News', IHEU magazine.
2005: IHEYO brochure, 4 issues YouthSpeak, IHEYO news in the ‘International Humanist News', e- lists and forum at website.
2006: 4 issues YouthSpeak, IHEYO news in the ‘International Humanist News', redesigned website.
2007: 8 issues of YouthSpeak, and new IHEYO interactive website.
2008: 7 issues of YouthSpeak, 1 issue of the e-bulletin for the AHA-IHEYO.
2009: 12 issues of YouthSpeak.
2010: 10 issues of YouthSpeak.
2011: 11 issues of YouthSpeak
​2012: 4 issues of YouthSpeak
2013: 4 issues of YouthSpeak
​2014: 3 issues of YouthSpeak so far, new, more modern and interactive, mobile ready web site

IHEYO donations

to Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) with a start up grant of 300 Euros
IHEYO donated internet airtime to the administration board of CRY of 6 hours per week for three months.
A grant of 350 Euros to the Liberian Refugee Youths for Sustainable Development. This enabled 57 Liberian refugee kids in Ghana to go to school for one term. The grant was planned in 2004, but due to transfer problems the grant was transferred in 2005.
IHEYO kept a close link with SMUG especially in Uganda and was made able to fund some of their small costs in their crucial law suit between SMUG and the Uganda Government.