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Cameroon Association for the protection and education of the child



The Cameroon Association for the Protection andEducation of the Child (CAPEC) works with children/youths, parents,Government bodies and intergovernmental bodies in the promotion ofchildren affairs. It works to identify the need of children/youthsespecially the rural child, the underprivileged and the weaker sectionof the society through participatory approach.


CAPEC's mission is to promote the welfare of children and youths. To do so, CAPEC works to realise the following objectives:

*make known the Rights of the Child and to protect them through education asprescribed by UNICEF and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child;
*assist the needy child irrespective of tribe, origin, colour, sex and religion in the domain of education and social welfare;
*assist in eliminating child labour and sexual exploitation;
*assist children in confinement like prisons and rehabilitation institutions;
prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Postal address: BP 20646 Yaoundé, Cameroon 
Contact person: Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku, executive director, Website:

Involvement in IHEYO
CAPEC is a consultative member of IHEYO