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Ibadan University Humanist Society



This is a Society dedicated to the principle of eupraxophy which is a philosophical life stance derived from two Greek words meaning "good" and "practice". Simply put, it is a non - theistic, non - supernatural philosophy that encourages people to do good for good is good to do, shunning the bribery of heaven and the threat of hell for which millions have been killed on the altar of religious fundamentalism.

The Society is also dedicated to enhancing the human and intellectual capability of staff and students of the University of Ibadan in particular and people of Ibadan in general. It is our general observation that most Nigerians are scientifically illiterate; hence we had to commit much energy to bringing about the age of renaissance of progressive learning in Africa in order to promote a new breed of youth that will be able to take their future in their hands without recourse to a spiritual power.

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C/o Ibadan University Humanist Society
Department of Philosophy
University of Ibadan
Ibadan Oyo State