Musharraf and religious party loose Pakistani elections

As we've been covering Pakistan's political developments over the last few months, eagerly publishing contributions from our Pakistani members who struggle in an environment of human right violations and Islamic integrism, we cannot but announce you the results of the recent Pakistani elections.

Whilst awaiting a new analysis from CRY, we refer you to this article/analysis on the website of the excellent South African weekly Mail & Guardian.

By Laws

The By-Laws of IHEYO are the highest roules of our organisation, and were last amended at the meeting of the General Assembly on the 4th of November 2006. You may download a version of our By-Laws as PDF-file.

The By-laws are complemented with the standing orders.

New Standing Orders to regulate the operations of IHEYO with details not needed in the By-Laws were approved by the General Assembly on the 28th of November 2006. You may download a version of these Standing Orders as PDF-file.

Past Events

Washington D.C. - IHEYOs 7th International Youth Event 4th-8th June 2008 - Read more


In 2003, the 2000 incarnation of IHEYO has been able to find out more about its history. Through Alexandre Marius Dees de Steria who represents IHEU at the Council of Europe and was a key advocate for the establishment of a youth wing for IHEU. In January 2003 he sent us some of his documents giving an insight into the history of the youth section of IHEU. This note is a summary extracted from his documents.

About us

IHEYO is the youth umbrella organisation for humanist youth (up to 35 years of age) around the world. As youth group related to IHEU, IHEYO has had a long and interrupted history of existence, dating back to the sixties.

Humanist Thinkers

Humanist thinkers

Michel Foucault

Karl Marx 

Humanist writers

Juan Goytisolo

George Orwell

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