HumanLight Design Contest

I'm judging a Humanist design contest and thought some people on this online community might be interested. I think the holiday of HumanLight is a fantastic idea, particularly for families, because it is a non-cynical and explicitely Humanist approach to the holiday season that is such a big hubbub in the USA and many other countries. Anyway, here is the contest announcement:

Humanist Sofa

Welcome to the new travel world! Welcome to the humanist sofa! You wanna go abroad for a short trip to Europe, Asia or somewhere in the world? You wanna meet people , you wanna stay with them , you wanna travel cheap but with great opportunities of staying with a host!

Subscribe to the Humanist Sofa and become part of our travel network. Subscribe to our mailing list and communicate with people around the world while travelling through it. Most welcome to our new hosts and guests!

Support IHEYO

It is possible as group or individual to support IHEYO financially so we can do more projects.

One can donate for a specific project or for IHEYO in General. Without support, we cannot carry out any of our work and most is on voluntary basis done. But the costs of meeting, phoning, having an activity, etc.

Asian Humanist Alliance - IHEYO

The Asian working group is a joint humanist effort in this continent to foster humanist values and ideas. It will research, launch awareness programs, regional seminars/workshops. It will analyze problems and dig out the way to fight against it. We will also publish a bulletin based on local issues and every member of this alliance will contribute for that purpose. We plan to start a media campaign. For doing this work and reaching our objectives we will gather youths collectively. Our first step will be to share the situation of each

African Working Group Conference Resolutions

The African Working Group held an online conference last year. This outlined following steps and recommendations for the Working group:
  1. There is need to create an internet portal for the African Working Group on the IHEYO website. This space will contain information on the activities of AWG and its collaborating groups.
  2. There is need for a steering board

African Working Group

The African Working Group has watched with keen interest the zeal with which young Africans promote the ideals of Humanism amidst crass religiosity through their activities. To assist them in achieving more, we are poised to utilize the partnership and collaboration tools of organizational growth and development, on our platform, so as to achieve our common goal of popularizing Humanism in Africa.

Food for Thought

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