AHA-IHEYO releases its bulletin!

AHA-IHEYO has just issued its first e-bulletin. from now on, this newsletter will give a regular update of the activities of what was formerly known as the Asian Working Group of IHEYO, but has now become AHA-IHEYO.

You can download this issue here

Pakistan - between Democratisation and Talibanisation

Since its independence in 1947, Pakistan has lived under firm control of military and civil burocracy. People have no say in its matters and even MPs openly condemned the parliament as a rubber stamp institution. Pakistan came into being in 1947 but it only managed a constitution developed in 1973 by its Parliament after the secession of Bangladesh in 1971. The constitution adopted after 26 years of independence remained in jeopardy from its conception onwards.

Sarkozy: "A teacher can never replace a priest"

Youthspeak Vol 4, issue 6

youthspeak vol 4 issue 6

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