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Linton Kwesi Johnson - transcending JAH

Reggae has, since it became popular through singers like Bob Marley or Peter Tosh, been identified with the battle-cries “Jah!” and “Legalise!” . The connoisseur rather chats of freedom and will shout “Rastafari!”, referring to the syncretist religion to which numerous reggae artists indeed adhere.

Note from the chief editor

Note from the chief editor

When the contribution of our Pakistani members for this YouthSpeak reached me shortly after the assassination of Mrs Benazir Bhutto, it spurred me to dig deeper in the backgrounds of this crisis. The article that was sent to me attempts at explaining the current crisis by referring to several aspects that often go unnoticed in the mainstream media.

Déclaration de Paris

Cette déclaration a été adoptée, à l'unanimité, par le XVIème congrès international de l'Union Internationaliste Humaniste et Laïque (IHEU).
Le congrès s'est tenu à Paris du 5 au 7 juillet 2005 pour commémorer
le centième anniversaire de la loi française de séparation des Eglises
et de l'Etat du 9 décembre 1905.

IHEYO resolution on sexual orientation

Humanism is deeply rooted in a profound respect for the individual human being. Human rights give each and every person the right and opportunity to be and choose whatever she or he wants as long as other rights are not violated by her or his actions.

Humanism and Economy

In hoeverre houdt humanisme zich bezig met economie en de invloed van
economie? Veel humanisten hebben kritiek op religies, maar wat te
denken van het neo-liberale gedachtegoed?

African Working Group Conference Resolutions

The African Working Group held an online conference last year. This outlined following steps and recommendations for the Working group:
  1. There is need to create an internet portal for the African Working Group on the IHEYO website. This space will contain information on the activities of AWG and its collaborating groups.
  2. There is need for a steering board

Humanist Education

The Continuum of Humanist Education is a project of the Institute for Humanist Studies (IHS).
The Institute promotes greater public awareness, understanding, and
support for humanism by providing nonreligious perspectives on social,
political, and ethical issues. The Institute specializes in pioneering
new technology and methods for the advancement of humanism, serving as
a resource for and about the humanist community.

Food for Thought

About us

IHEYO is the youth umbrella organisation for humanist youth (up to 35 years of age) around the world. As youth group related to IHEU, IHEYO has had a long and interrupted history of existence, dating back to the sixties.

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