Humanist Weddings on the rise

More and more, humanist wedding ceremonies are embraced as an alternative to religious ceremony by those who want to give a bit more solemnity to their marriage.  In Great Britain, this development is notable in Scotland, as this BBC news item documents.

African Working Group Conference Resolutions

The African Working Group held an online conference last year. This outlined following steps and recommendations for the Working group:
  1. There is need to create an internet portal for the African Working Group on the IHEYO website. This space will contain information on the activities of AWG and its collaborating groups.
  2. There is need for a steering board

Tolerance Campaign

The campaign will promote tolerance and respect for minorities among youth, by undertaking a joint campaign that is educational. The European campaign ‘all different, all equal’ will serve as context for IHEYO's work.
The project will combine several campaigning and educational methods:


IHEYO is currently waging its Tolerance Campaign. For more info, click here.

IHEYO is equally supports campaigns headed by other organisations. You'll find an overview in our Affiliations page.

Past Events

Washington D.C. - IHEYOs 7th International Youth Event 4th-8th June 2008 - Read more

Upcoming events

Extraordinary General Assembly 2008 

IHEYO is planning its extraordinary General Assembly 2008 in Potsdam/Germany. As we could not realize a change of our bylaws at our Conference in Washington D.C. that year due to less full members present than needed, IHEYO is inviting its members to this Second GA from 7th-9th November 2008 placed in Potsdam. In this session we will vote legally about the decisions we have discussed and made with our members in Washington. The venue of the 2nd GA is following:

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