AHA-IHEYO releases its bulletin!

AHA-IHEYO has just issued its first e-bulletin. from now on, this newsletter will give a regular update of the activities of what was formerly known as the Asian Working Group of IHEYO, but has now become AHA-IHEYO.

You can download this issue here

Sarkozy: "A teacher can never replace a priest"

Vacancies at IHEYO

For its communication project, IHEYO is looking for 4 motivated volunteers.

Transhumanist Student Network

The Transhumanist Student Network (TSN) serves and is led by transhumanist students and youth.

Ibadan University Humanist Society

This is a Society dedicated to the principle of eupraxophy which is a philosophical life stance derived from two Greek words meaning "good" and "practice".

Manavatavadi Vishwa Sansthan

(The international School of humanitarian Thought and Practice)

Manavatavad = Positive Rationalism

Contact Details

Raj Ghat
136118, Haryana

Phone: +91 1744291278

Sanjivani Nepal

Sanjivani Nepal, a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit
making organization was established by a group of dynamic youths
in 2003. It was registered in the local authority (Kathmandu) of
His Majesty's Government, Nepal under Social Organization Registration
Act (SORA) 1976. Bylaws it has received permission to run programmes
like health, information/communication, human rights, social justice,
women and youth empowerment and child welfare throughout the kingdom.

Rescue Mission Planet Earth

Contact Details

RMPE - Uganda
PO Box 2042
Kampala, Uganda

Phone: + 256 077 446907

E-mail: naluyomba[at]

Mentor Volunteers Uganda

Mentor Volunteers Uganda is a Voluntary community service youth organisation founded in Uganda to protect, guide and provide Development services to young people, meet their needs and interests, develop the community through Voluntary work, International Youth exchange, International understanding, Idea sharing as a mean of promoting social development.

Young African Researchers Network

YARN has for aim to promote scientific temper, rational inquiry and human centred ideologies among young africans.

Contact Details

Seat: Flat Four, Wharley Farm
College road, Wharley End
MK OAH Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
+ 44 7932422762
Contact Nigeria: 76 Amurri Road
Fed Housing Trans
Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria
Phone: +234 8037863870

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