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HumanLight Design Contest

I'm judging a Humanist design contest and thought some people on this online community might be interested. I think the holiday of HumanLight is a fantastic idea, particularly for families, because it is a non-cynical and explicitely Humanist approach to the holiday season that is such a big hubbub in the USA and many other countries. Anyway, here is the contest announcement:

AHA-IHEYO releases its bulletin!

AHA-IHEYO has just issued its first e-bulletin. from now on, this newsletter will give a regular update of the activities of what was formerly known as the Asian Working Group of IHEYO, but has now become AHA-IHEYO.

You can download this issue here

Media reports tolerance events Germany (in German)


Musik und Tanz für Toleranz

Buntes Programm warb in Rathenow für Respekt gegenüber Minderheiten

Rathenow (bla). Sieben Stunden lang Musik nonstop und querbeet:

Ob Rock, Big-Band- Klänge, Chansons oder Klassik – am Samstag ging es im Blauen Saal des Rathenower Kulturzentrums musikalisch vielfältig zu.

Déclaration de Paris

Cette déclaration a été adoptée, à l'unanimité, par le XVIème congrès international de l'Union Internationaliste Humaniste et Laïque (IHEU).
Le congrès s'est tenu à Paris du 5 au 7 juillet 2005 pour commémorer
le centième anniversaire de la loi française de séparation des Eglises
et de l'Etat du 9 décembre 1905.

Michel Foucault

“Curiosity is a vice that has been stigmatized in turn by Christianity, by philosophy and even by a certain conception of science. Curiosity, futility. I like the word however. To me it suggests something altogether different: it evokes "concern"; it evokes the care one takes for what exists and could exist; an acute sense of the real which, however, never becomes fixed; a readiness to find our surroundings strange and singular; a certain relentlessness in ridding ourselves of our familiarities and looking at things otherwise; a passion for

George Orwell

"A normal human being does not want the Kingdom of Heaven"

Juan Goytisolo

Human Rights

The values underlying the Human Rights are very important to Humanism. The first directors of UNESCO (Julian Huxley), FAO (John Boyd Orr) and WHO (G. Brock Chisholm) were all prominent Humanists. Many Humanist principles have already found expression in international human rights conventions; Humanists have always supported the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sharia Law

Humanists around the world oppose strongly the Sharia Law and have taken action against the existence of such law. You can check out the following links:
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