Humanistisch Vredesberaad

The organisation's main activities include:

  • Organise: debates, conferences, training, publications
  • Awakening: fostering a culture of non-violence among children
  • Surveillance of politicians and media with regard to war/peace

Humanistisch Vredesberaad cooperates intensively with other peace-organisations.

More can be found (in Dutch) on the organisation's web-page.

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IHEYO Tolerance Campaign 2007

TolerancecampaignThe Tolerance Campaign 2007 is now history.
We will update this site as soon as possible, to take you all on a tour to see the different activities in the participating countries:
Belgium, Finland, Norway, Romania, Germany, Serbia or Macedonia. (Recently updated countries in bold font).

British Humanist Association

Within the British Humanist Association, a Young Humanist Network was established at the request of some younger members of the BHA and by children of existing BHA members. (The definition of a young humanist is quite broad but the current group ages range from 15 to 25.)

Humanistische Jongeren

Humanistische Jongeren vzw
Zelfbestuursstraat 14
1070 Anderlecht
tel 02 521 79 20
fax 02 521 46 42

Jong HV/Humanistisch Vormings Onderwijs

Jong HV

The Jong HV (JH) is a national humanist youth group (age 18-35) within the Humanistisch Verbond (HV), the spiritual home in the Netherlands for people with a humanist life stance.


Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen

Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen
Brand Whitlocklaan, 87
1200 Brussel 


The Swedish Humanist Association, Humanisterna, was founded 1979 and has about 1000 members spread all over the country with two local associations in Stockholm and Gothenburg and a network of local representatives in all parts of the country

Norwegian Humanist Association


Overall Aims

The Norwegian Humanist Association strives for:

  • a society without a state religion or religious stipulations for public institutions,
  • a society free from any law or ordinance discriminating citizens outside the State Church,

Freidenkerbund Österreichs

Postfach 54, 1153 Wien,

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