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Opening Launch of Center for Inquiry London

The Center for Inquiry/Transnational (CFI), an Amherst, New York based international think tank promoting reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and secular humanism, has established the ‘Center for Inquiry London’ in the United Kingdom.
The Opening Launch of Center for Inquiry London held at Conway Hall, London on 18th January 2008 proved very successful with leading lights from the British and American academic, skeptical, secular and humanist communities speaking and participating in discussions. Nearly 150 people

Linton Kwesi Johnson - transcending JAH

Reggae has, since it became popular through singers like Bob Marley or Peter Tosh, been identified with the battle-cries “Jah!” and “Legalise!” . The connoisseur rather chats of freedom and will shout “Rastafari!”, referring to the syncretist religion to which numerous reggae artists indeed adhere.

Young African Researchers Network

YARN has for aim to promote scientific temper, rational inquiry and human centred ideologies among young africans.

Contact Details

Seat: Flat Four, Wharley Farm
College road, Wharley End
MK OAH Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
+ 44 7932422762
Contact Nigeria: 76 Amurri Road
Fed Housing Trans
Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria
Phone: +234 8037863870


British Humanist Association

Within the British Humanist Association, a Young Humanist Network was established at the request of some younger members of the BHA and by children of existing BHA members. (The definition of a young humanist is quite broad but the current group ages range from 15 to 25.)
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