The programme poster from the Tolerance week in Macedonia

 The report of the tolerance campaign:


Starting from 10th
of December until 14th the same month, the project Tolerance Week was
carried out in Skopje.

Macedonia was represented by the NGO “Youth Educational Forum”, and the event
was performed and realized in the “Vavilon Karpos” youth centre, that is one of
the YEF’s centers. Facing with the serious problem present among the young population,
concerning the intolerance in the society, and the increased impatience among
the youngsters of diverse social and ethnical backgrounds, we felt obligated to
bring the society in the light of different perspective and present it to the

Macedonia has focused its activities related
to tolerance mainly through the following 5 topics:

Human trafficking;

Child labor abusing; 


Multi ethnical tolerance

5.      Family violence


As mentioned above,
the entire event has taken place in the Vavilon centre, which was arranged and
decorated properly for the event. Exposed all over the centre, there were
articles from newspapers cuts, related with tolerance and also photographs
describing such situations, so that we can offer a better visual picture about
the issue.


The Tolerance
Week had an official opening on the 10th of December with a public
debate. Furthermore, the debate was supposed to celebrate the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights (adopted 10th December 1948). The
debaters were members of YEF and they debated on the topic “The Macedonian educational system
stimulates multiethnic tolerance
”. There were youngsters from few different
ethnical groups, participating actively in the debate and expressing their
opinions about the thesis.

The second day
of this tolerance week was fulfilled with a workshop about tolerance that was hold
by 2 educators-experts.


The major event
was taking place on Wednesday (12th December) with the public debate
about human trafficking. The turnout was enormous, having as special guest Mr.
Senad Mustafov the Romaversitas`s coordinator. Romaversitas is an NGO which
represents the Roma young people in Macedonia and his presence was of
great importance as one of the goals of this project was promoting multiethnic
tolerance, involving all ethnical groups concerned with this problem. The topic
was "The young people in Macedonia
are aware of the issue of human trafficking
". The debate was performed
having two opposing sides, affirmative and negative, presented by experienced
debaters with a significant knowledge of the topic. In addition of the regular
argument, was the involvement of a guest expert Mr. Arif Pini”.

On Thursday the centre was opened for the exhibition. Interesting
videos and photographs were publicized, describing the objective situation of
the term TOLERANCE in our country. Thursday was already the dead line for
handing – over the essays for the contest, which was also one of the activities
planned for this project.

This activity
involved writing an essay on one of the 5 relevant areas about tolerance,
mentioned above, but the participants were allowed to label the final title by
themselves. 12 essays were short-listed for this official contest, selected
among the rest as the finest and most appropriate, reviewed later, by a graduated
student on the Philological Faculty. The best performed were announced on the
official closing of the event on Friday, where also were awarded the best 3

The same evening
in the centre a cocktail party took place, where everyone involved in this
project was present. The crowd was very satisfied, as they were able to
contribute towards spreading and raising the awareness of this problem in our
country, but also helping in all possible ways to increase the level of
tolerance in our society. The atmosphere of the closing party along with the
one through the whole week was very relaxing and encouraging, contributing toward
a successful Tolerance Week.


Educational Forum