Washington D.C. - IHEYO Youth Conference at the IHEU World Congress

IHEYO Conference 2008, in collaboration with the IHEU World Congress

and Secular Students Alliance:

The Future of Youth Humanism”
5 June – 8 June, Washington D.C., USA

IHEYO is glad to announce for its 7th International Conference in Washington D.C., USA under the theme “The Future of Youth Humanism”, taking place from 5th June to 10th June. The conference offers a lot of information and practical input to all participants and each of them will be pleased to be part of all creative interactions and discussions actively, so that we get feedback and an international back up for a unique vision of IHEYO.

We will have some interactions with the American Youth like a study visit, intercultural and interactive group work and activities, some key note speeches, link and open space for discussions to elders, participation to the IHEU World Congress sessions and we will do some concrete work sessions in small groups.

About the theme

The future of youth humanism inside IHEYO is depending on engagement of volunteers around the world who are willing to spend lots of their spare time for networking tasks, fund research and coordination of project. But which vision we are focusing with that work? What do we want to achieve in some time, in some years or centuries? Where we are going to as a big community of young humanists? Question and answer lies in the same and is as simple as complicated to the same time. The focus of each country is different, we are suffering from different problems, search for own reasons and furthermore for solutions. How can this network support each own organisation, each country particularly and with full engagement? The platform given by the youth session in Washington D.C., organized by IHEYO and its partner will try to bring different opinions, backgrounds and people together discussing their meaning, to exchange own experiences, to learn more out of own methods, to try something new, to create a new portal of common goals and a way forward where we can go on into the future.

Want to participate?
You can read more about the conference and IHEU World Congress on IHEUs website www.iheu.org where you have formally to register. We are sorry for that late advice, but due to changes in the office we could not offer this information online earlier Costs for participating cannot be supported this time over IHEYO as we received less funding for the conference which makes it just possible to realize the IHEYO conference session in Washington D.C.. We hope to offer any kind of travel support for the next years conferences or projects. We will keep you updated on that.

If you have further question, please write to communication.office@iheyo.org.